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Today marks the 7th anniversary of! Seven years ago today, SEGAbits admin George posted the site’s first article, simply titled “Welcome to SEGAbits”, and right out of the gate on that same day the first piece of news was reported. From day one, the goal of the site was to cover the latest SEGA news, review retro and modern content, and to host an ongoing podcast. But really, the reason SEGAbits was founded was that we felt the internet needed a great place for SEGA fans to visit and interact with each other, discussing their favorite games from the past and speculating what was on the horizon from our favorite company.

After the break, read special anniversary messages from George and Barry which look back on the past year and ahead to what to expect in 2017 from the site! As always, we really appreciate the support of our readers and also want to thank our team of writers and contributors (Moody, FlareHabanero, James, Adam, Aki-At, Kori-Maru, Happy Cat, Sharky, and Dakota) who put a lot of work in over the past year.

George: It seems that covering SEGA for our 7th year existence will be pretty fun considering that SEGA is set to release some impressive, previously Japanese exclusive games like Puyo Puyo Tetris, Yakuza Kiwami and Valkyria Revolution. We have planned content for those titles throughout the year. In 2016 we also refocused our efforts on YouTube content launching SEGA News Bits, which has helped our account reach over 8,000 subscribers. Almost half of all new subscribers joined during the last year, after the launch of the new show. Glad everyone is enjoying the episodes.

We do have a couple of big projects in the works for 2017, I would love to talk more about them but they aren’t fully cooked just yet. I will say that a lot of users that love our content will be pleased throughout the year. Like always, thanks for all the support throughout these seven wonderful years.

Barry the Nomad: 2017 is looking to be one of the best years for SEGA in some time, so I am incredibly excited for what is to come both as a fan and as a fan site person. Not only are some really great looking Sonic games incoming, but SEGA are bringing both Yakuza and Puyo Puyo to the west (again). Looking ahead, I plan to provide readers more insight into the development process of their favorite games through developer interviews, both written and recorded (yes, the SEGAbits Swingin’ Report Show is not dead!) and to keep on keeping on with the SEGAbits YouTube channel.

In the short term, I have some really cool features planned for the site including the long awaited Top 50 SEGA Games article which is in the final stages. I’d also like to try out some more video content, including let’s plays, in the near future. Thanks to everybody who makes the site happen and thanks to all the readers, listeners and viewers!


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    Happy birthday SEGAbits.

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    Happy 7th anniversary guys!

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    Kudos to all of you, and thank you for putting so much time into this resource.

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    Happy Birthday!

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