Fred Durst signed Dreamcast hits eBay


I remember way back when the Dreamcast was still in its prime that The Official Dreamcast Magazine ran a feature about how SEGA signed a contract with Fred Durst to help promote SEGA Net. While Fred Durst has fallen off the mainstream stage in recent years, back in the yearly 2000’s he was everywhere and a big multi-platinum recording artist. I know, makes you wanna break stuff.

Part of the promotion was a contest where winners would get a Fred Durst signed Dreamcast. He seemed to have signed a bunch of them, considering a few have popped up on eBay in the last decade. This Fred Durst signed Dreamcast is the official, launch Dreamcast. Comes complete with the box.

eBay Auction Here

Bid starts at $700 and you can buy it now for $1,000. Below I attached some photographs that are related to the auction. Are you in need of a Fred Durst signed Dreamcast?




3 responses to “Fred Durst signed Dreamcast hits eBay

  1. Centrale says:

    I’ve been seeing that thing listed for weeks now! I think if you do a Venn diagram of the overlap of rich people, Dreamcast fans, and Limp Bizkit fans, you’ve got to figure that it will be available at this price for a very long time.

    • Miguel says:

      I remember when they published the Dreamcast mag that had Fred Durst in it at that time they were pushing the dreamcast as best as they could I just wish they didn’t invite Fred Durst to it, but there were other celebs that helped push it like No Doubt.

  2. cube_b3 says:

    Does it say #21?

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