Fred Durst signed Dreamcast hits eBay


I remember way back when the Dreamcast was still in its prime that The Official Dreamcast Magazine ran a feature about how SEGA signed a contract with Fred Durst to help promote SEGA Net. While Fred Durst has fallen off the mainstream stage in recent years, back in the yearly 2000’s he was everywhere and a big multi-platinum recording artist. I know, makes you wanna break stuff.

Part of the promotion was a contest where winners would get a Fred Durst signed Dreamcast. He seemed to have signed a bunch of them, considering a few have popped up on eBay in the last decade. This Fred Durst signed Dreamcast is the official, launch Dreamcast. Comes complete with the box.

eBay Auction Here

Bid starts at $700 and you can buy it now for $1,000. Below I attached some photographs that are related to the auction. Are you in need of a Fred Durst signed Dreamcast?



UPDATE: SEGA Pluto Auction Ends at $15,500, Still Not Enough


[UPDATE – 12th May, 2013:] The saga continues!  Vega has responded via Twitter to the utter disbelief of the price being rejected. According to him, the highest bidder got cold feet and backed out of the deal after it ended. A user on Reddit by the name of lordloss has uploaded a photo of a second chance offer from Vega to purchase the machine for $11,000. We’ll update as the Pluto’s saga continues to unfold. What a roller coaster!

After nine days on the auction block, the auction for a rare SEGA Pluto prototype unit amassed $15,500 over 89 bids, but no exchange will be declared as the auction failed to once again meet its reserve price.

This comes after the initial auction garnered only $7,600 and claims from owner Roger “kidvid666” Vega that he picked up the unit for only a dollar. Looks like 15,500 times profit isn’t quite enough to get yourself a SEGA Pluto prototype unit from him.

At this point, we don’t know if it’s straight up greed or if he wants people to start donating organs/first born children. But chances are, if this system is to join any game collection, it’ll take more than $16,000 at least to possibly make it happen.

Start saving.

[Image courtesy of Roger Vega]

The second SEGA Pluto console has been found… at a flea market for $1

Yesterday we shared the news that a SEGA Pluto console existed, at least in prototype form, and that according to the source only two existed. Well, thanks to Destructoid reader, we now know where the second one is. The second console, which is designated as the first of two, is owned by kidvid666 who bought the Pluto around five or six years ago at a flea market for… $1. I’m sure many game collectors have their own awesome stories of flea market finds, but this one takes the cake. According to kidvid666, the system works, but the lid is broken and won’t stay shut.

kidvid666 has considered selling the SEGA Pluto on eBay, though given its historical significance, perhaps he should keep it safe and perserved? I’m sure SEGA Retro would take very good care of it.

eBay: The complete US Master System collection

No, I’m not going to start heckling my crap to you guys, plus this isn’t crap. If there are any girlfriends or moms reading this and saying that video games are crap, then this is crap I want. All over me. The collection includes a US Master System with 114 US Master System games. Impressive!

Happiestsellever!, you can thank me for the shout out later. Check his auction here. Yeah, the dude wants almost 5 grand for the whole thing. Is it worth it? How much would you pay?

Want to donate to Japan relief and get some cool SEGA swag?

Well, you still can. It looks like SEGA Of America is about done auctioning off their items, having raised thousands of dollars by selling rare merchandise on eBay the past couple of weeks.

Well, they still have a few items up. If you’re into cosplay, two Valkyria Chronicles uniforms are up for grabs, as well as some Aliens Vs. Predator games, a rare Sonic & Tails 1992 SEGA watch, and more.

Get them while you still can, and help out a truly noble cause.

[Source: SEGA]

SEGA’s eBay Auction for Japan Relief – Part 3

Even more great Sega collectibles have gone up on the eBay auction today and you can start bidding now! 100% of the proceeds from the auction will go to the Red Cross relief effort for Japan.

You can see the list of items for auction HERE!
All items start at just 99 cents and it is going to a good cause, get bidding!

Sonic loves drinking Coca-Cola

Being a person that likes odd stuff released by SEGA, especially in the early 90’s, I had to post this badge used by MGM, Cannon Cinemas and obviously sponsored by Coca-Cola.

Very odd stance that Sonic has going on here, it looks like he is giving himself the Michael Jackson cock grab. If you are interested in the badge, you can buy it on eBay (auction).

[Via GoNintendo]