Persona 5 free and paid English DLC schedule released

persona5dlcWhile I don’t hate paid DLC, per say, I do miss the days when games came complete for a price instead of having a ton of paid DLC over the course of months. Sadly, Atlus seems to find their DLC practices to be working. They will continue them with Persona 5, which will feature free and paid DLC. Today, Atlus USA published the schedule for the free and paid DLC on the Persona 5s official English site. Plot spoiler, only the swimsuit outfits will be free and the rest is paid for DLC:

April 11

  • Izanagi and Izanagi Picaro Set – $2.99
  • Orpheus and Orpheus Picaro Set – $2.99
  • Persona 3 Costume and BGM Special Set – $6.99
  • Persona 4 Costume and BGM Special Set – $6.99
  • Thanatos and Thanatos Picaro Set – $2.99

April 18

  • Kaguya and Kaguya Picaro Set – $2.99
  • Persona 2 Costume and BGM Special Set – $6.99
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Persona Costume and BGM Special Set – $6.99

April 25

  • Persona 4 Dancing All Night Costume and BGM Special Set – $6.99
  • Persona 5 Swimsuit Set – Free
  • Shin Megami Tensei IV Costume and BGM Special Set – $6.99

May 2

  • Catherine Costume and BGM Special Set – $6.99
  • Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha Costume and BGM Special Set – $6.99

Regardless of how I feel about having this much paid DLC for a title, the market has spoken with their money on this subject. Though I will say its a bit greedy that if you want all the paid DLC, it will cost your around $67.88 before taxes, making it cost more than the full game. Persona 5 releases in America and Europe on April 4, 2017 for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. What are your thoughts on Persona 5‘s DLC?


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