Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap introduces Wonder Boy and Wonder Girl

The latest information regarding to Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, and this time it’s showing off not only the titular Wonder Boy (aka Hu-Man), but also a female counterpart named Wonder Girl (aka Hu-Girl). Players have the option to freely switch between male and female versions by talking to everyone’s favorite smoking pig, and just like everything else in the game Wonder Girl will receive 8-bit sprites when switching to the “retro” style.

In addition, the official Playstation Blog post for the game goes into more details over concept designs for Wonder Boy/Wonder Girl and the animal transformations. The character designs were originally viewed from their sprite counterpart and given a modern interpretation, and adjusted several times until finalized to what we see in the final product. Wonder Boy and Wonder Girl in particular going though several revisions, partially because of Wonder Boy receiving several interpretations between games and versions.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is slated for a Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch release on April 18th, with a PC version arriving on an unspecified later date in 2017.


7 responses to “Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap introduces Wonder Boy and Wonder Girl

  1. Robbie says:

    Why is the art style of such a Japanese-ish game getting handled by French artists? I hate how they replaced the chibi art style with a cartoony Western look.

    • Miguel says:

      I think the animation is cool but I hope that the french crew of artists and animators asked Segas permission to use the name, maybe Sega will like it enough that they could possibly purchase the french team maling the game.

    • Miguel says:

      Sorry making the game.

    • Eccles says:

      Is Wonder Boy actually Sega’s?
      Isn’t it a Weston’s IP?

      The whole franchise is confusing as far as who owns or makes and licences what, but I’ve always placed more belief in that view that it is Sega’s, at least the lions share on the IP rights anyway, on the basis they only ever appeared on Sega hardware, I don’t recall Wonder Boy ever being associated with the likes of the other big companies like Capcom, Nintendo, Namco, Konami, or SCE and Microsoft Studios.

    • Miguel says:

      Westone created wonderboy 1 the arcade was 1st then the home console Sega liked it so much they wanted to own it back then to prevent at the time Nintendo from stealing it from them because Nintendo would horde up all the 3rd party games under contract so they wouldn’t make games on Sega, so Sega bought it and asked Westone to make more but different backgrounds like you saw in the franchise, but westone wanted to continue the original concept of the 1st wonderboy except under a new name and publisher which is I think is Sonsoft and that game was called Adventure Iseland same as Wonder Boy but different colors of the characters. When Sega had the other Wonder Boy games made they have ownership of the names and likeness’ of the characters – while Westone was making knock off versions of each part of the Wonder Boy games that came out on Turbographix 16 system and made them look different with different names and characters same background different colors. Recently Westone I think went bankrupt and I hope that Sega buys them so they can at least keep them together and maybe that French team making a reboot homage could be put to good use.

  2. Eccles says:

    So we’ll get a Wonder Girl, nice to see a new character for a change as well as the old Wonder Boy. I was beginning to think that new female characters were being shoehorned into any franchise all and sundry to further the least of feminist ambition or take over and hi-jack at most, as we have seen with some of comic book industry – Marvel in particular.
    I hope this is not going down that route and she’ll be a new character by individual merit irrespective of gender identity politics.

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