New Sonic mobile game Sonic Runners Adventure leaked

Sonic-Runners-Adventure-banner-1A new Sonic mobile game has been leaked called Sonic Runners Adventure, an apparent successor/sequel to the controversial Sonic Runners that was released globally in 2015 but shut down in 2016. The most notable difference between the original and this new game is the change of developers, Sonic Runners Adventure being handled by Gameloft, a studio that produces miscellaneous mobile games. Sonic Runners Adventure was originally leaked in a forum post, further supported by the Gameloft website having a customer support section for the game.

The support page in particular goes into detail over different aspects of the game. A notable change is that online is not mandatory, only being needed at launch and to access external links, unlike it’s predecessor Sonic Runners where online is needed at all times. Another change is that characters can be directly purchased with Rings, while Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are unlocked automatically by playing through the storyline. Characters are also divided up by three categories, Hero, Dark, and Chaotix, each category having a unique skill that triggers after collecting 300 rings. There are also three different ways the game is played. Finite where the goal is to simply reach the end, Looped where you race around a short level with the goal of reaching the end of the last lap, and Infinite where a level continuously plays until you clear a certain objective.

No word has been officially stated by SEGA, but stay tune for more information to likely drop of Sonic Runners Adventure in the future.


5 responses to “New Sonic mobile game Sonic Runners Adventure leaked

  1. cube_b3 says:

    Wow, gameloft. What happened to Hardlight or Sonic Team?

  2. Deefy says:

    I believe that both of the aforementioned teams are busy with other games.

  3. GanguEevee says:

    Oh man, I’m a bit skeptical about Gameloft doing the game instead Sonic Team or something. They have a thing for basically copying a game and making it their own. While most are good, some are very obvious cash-grabs. I’m just assuming that’s how it goes, because I played two of their games before. Crystal Monsters and their My Little Pony game.

    Crystal Monsters was basically like Pokemon, but sorta different, and I left it to rot for a long time on my 3DS cause not only did I get lost, but the random encounters were annoying the hell out of me.

    MLP is probably the most blatant cash-grab you’ll ever see once you go deeper into the game. Quoting TV Tropes here, ” If you want all of the ponies, you need over 3000 gems, worth 200 US dollars. Celestia alone requires 40 dollars worth at minimum, with other ponies worth double that amount.” And I think it costs a lot more than that nowadays. Sure, they DID put updates into the game that lowers how much certain ponies’ cost….Only to introduce a new pony or something else that makes it much worst later on. If that was one way they handled micro-transactions in a game, then I am scared to see how they’ll handle this game.

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