New Sonic Runners Adventure footage and screenshots leaks

Sonic Runners Adventure

As previously reported, a new Sonic mobile game called Sonic Runners Adventure was accidentally leaked on Gameloft’s Customer Support page, revealing a lot of information about how the game played including the different styles to play the game and how characters worked. Though with only descriptions to go by, we haven’t seen what the game looks or plays like.

But now thanks to more leaks, we finally know what Sonic Runners Adventure looks like in action. This includes a video showcasing the story mode of the game, showing off the first few stages reminiscent of Green Hill Zone including both the Finite and new Looped styles, along with glimpses of the menus where you can customize yourself with items, buddies, and playable characters. There is also a small selection of screenshots that originally came from a Russian website, based on the below video. But more strangely, there appears to be a Java version of Sonic Runners Adventure that was also leaked. Weird to see a Java game in this day and age, but it might benefit someone out there.

To see Sonic Runners Adventure gameplay in action, click the link below.


6 responses to “New Sonic Runners Adventure footage and screenshots leaks

  1. dj says:

    the gameplay looks worse than the og game tbh.

  2. segamon says:

    Hmmm, Mario Run with Sonic? Lol.

  3. Koean says:


  4. Berto says:

    Already bought it from Gameloft Store.
    I quite enjoy it. Basically it’s Sonic Runners with unlimited lives and without all that micro transaction non sense.

  5. color switch says:

    Thanks to the author for the article! Very pleased!

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