Space Channel 5 Ulala Figma figure announced – Chu, Chu, Chu!

Figma, the Japanese action figure company, have announced their latest collaboration with SEGA – a stunning Space Channel 5 Ulala figure. The figure is slated for December 2017 and will feature Ulala with microphone and gun accessories and three Morolians. The listed price is ¥7,800 (around $70), which is a bit steep when compared to past SEGA Figma releases, but some stores do list items with discounts. The main release will feature Ulala in her silver Part 2 attire, but if you want the orange original you’ll have to order from Goodsmile. Goodsmile lists their variant at ¥7,222 before tax and states that preorders will be open from 30th May 2017 (Tue) from 12:00JST until 29th June 2017 (Thu) at 12:00JST. The silver version is also available at Goodsmile for ¥7,222 but Amiami has it for less at ¥6,280.

What do you think of Figma’s latest release? Are you annoyed like I am that they still haven’t listed the Jet Set Radio Beat figure that was revealed back in July of 2016?


One response to “Space Channel 5 Ulala Figma figure announced – Chu, Chu, Chu!

  1. butt says:

    The Beat figure was announced by another company rather than GSC/Max Factory. Vulcanlog/Revoltech/Union Creative/maybe some other names I’m forgetting about. It’s still absolutely ridiculous it isn’t out yet though. Doubly so since they announced Arthur Knight from Ghouls and Ghosts after the Beat reveal, but Arthur is up for preorder and Beat still isn’t!

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