SEGA News Bits: Sonic Forces E3 2017 Hands On Impressions

Hello fellow SEGA fans, today on the SEGA News Bits we have our Sonic Forces E3 2017 hands on impressions video where SEGAbits staff writers Kori-Maru and Bartman3010 talk about the different types of gameplay in Sonic Forces, level design, musical changes, graphical differences between consoles and much more. This is the first time Sonic Forces has been playable by the pubic, so these early Sonic Forces E3 2017 hands on impressions are important to gauge the quality of the final product. Whatever you might think of Sonic Forces, you have to admit that there is quite a robust package being shown at this year’s E3 event and with this video we discuss all the demos that happened to be playable for the first time. Tell us in the comments below what your opinion on Sonic Forces so far and what did you think of our Sonic Forces E3 2017 hands on impressions?

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