Sonic Mania’s Denuvo DRM has been cracked in just 8 days


As you might have seen on the interewebs, people weren’t too keen with SEGA’s decision to put Denuvo DRM in Sonic Mania for PC. I think the biggest insult for people was SEGA not mentioning the unpopular DRM on their store page (later updated), only having people purchase the game before finding out Denuvo was included. While I understand that companies are scared of their games being massively pirated, especially a title like Sonic Mania which is only a mere 300mb in size, they got to understand that there isn’t a DRM in the world that will keep pirates out long term. For example, Tekken 7‘s Denuvo DRM was cracked in just four days.

People are hoping that now that pirates have cracked Sonic Mania‘s Denuvo DRM, that SEGA will remove it just due to its unpopularity and the fact that its not solving the issue it was implemented to solve. This is something that RiME developer, Tequila Works did when their game’s DRM was cracked. While I personally wouldn’t even know if the game had Denuvo DRM or not without the internet telling me, especially now with the offline fix, its just a bad PR move to include it in your game and hope its removed sooner than later. In the last eight days of release, Sonic Mania on PC still hasn’t reached 100k sold on Steam. Its getting close. But to ask you guys, do you guys think Sonic Mania’s Denuvo DRM actually helped the game’s sales in the last 8 days or hurt it? Let me know in the comments below.


6 responses to “Sonic Mania’s Denuvo DRM has been cracked in just 8 days

  1. The T.C. says:

    When I first tried to play Mania, it froze my computer and my PC’s been acting wonky ever sense.

    Like I didn’t think Denuvo was malware, and it was just fear mongering… but jeez maybe it is.

  2. TuanPINGAS says:

    It really didn’t help increase sales at all. Look at Bayonetta and Valkyria Chronicles for example, they didn’t need any forced protection, and still sold like hotcakes.

  3. herbir says:

    It made me question every sega game. If sonic forces has denuvo i aint buying it

  4. ZeroDL says:

    SEGA is a company that was a victim of software piracy at a time where it needed the money badly, killing a great piece of hardware in the process.
    With that in mind, I cant fully blame them for stunts like this but its still a bad move to add additional DRM to a service that already IS DRM (steam/steamworks).

    • Frakster says:

      No one cares, people need to realize we dont buy game like that just are trying to force you playing online. Get use to it sega, if you continue to buy denuvo you will lose the double money you grt throw bayonetta. Denuvo is worst then the normal and old drm 3rd party.

      Send it throw huawei p8 lite.

  5. herbir says:

    That dont matter

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