A Certain Magical Virtual-On details its control styles, introduces characters and adds fourth weapon

A-Certain-Magical-Virtual-On_Points_SystemDegeki Online has put up a big preview for SEGA’s upcoming crossover A Certain Magical Virtual-On which confirms Kuroko Shirai and Misaki Shokuhou as new characters. It also goes into detail about the in-game system including the new ‘Transition action’ and control styles that will be introduced in this title.

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Kuroko Shirai and RVR-14/VSL Fei-Yen Kn


Misaki Shokuhou and SGV-417/VSL Angelan



Points System


We all know that when you play Virtual-On, that the point of the game is to deplete the health of your opponent. A Certain Magical Virtual-On will also introduce a new points system in case a KO didn’t happen before the time limit. Prior to this the winner would be the player with the most health, now it will be decided through points acquired during the match. While having more HP does give you an edge on points, there are other ways to earn points in match, resulting in the player with more health still being able to lose a match.

It also seems that the system won’t allow users to play passively if they have more points, giving the user a warning and penalties for this includes point deductions.

Transition Action


Movement has always been a big part of the Virtual-On series which included dashes and jumps. A Certain Magical Virtual-On aims to add a new ‘Transition’ action which allows you to switch to driving form by pressing circle. The Virtuaroid will look like its kneeling during the action. During Transition mode you will be able to jump and dash in different directions plus switch to an attack without interruption.

“Smart” and “Veteran” Control Styles


A Certain Magical Virtual-On will have two control styles:

The Smart control style is aimed at beginners or players that haven’t played Virtual-On in forever. It will allow you to automatically lock-on, letting you fight and always keeping the enemy on-screen.

The Veteran control control style is the opposite, with a manual lock-on, a more traditional control scheme from the franchise.

4th Weapon: Boost Weapon


A Certain Magical Virtual-On will have three of the previous weapons in the franchises’ history: right weapon, left weapon and center weapon – now the franchise will add a fourth weapon called the boost weapon. Details are murky now but basically its a fired weapon and its effects are different between each Virturoid, giving them each a unique ability.

A Certain Magical Virtual-On is set to hit PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Winter of 2018 for the Japanese market. The game will be playable at this year’s Tokyo Game Show and expect us to have a preview of the game later this month.

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