A Certain Magical Virtual-On gets major update, will be playable at TGS


Announced back in mid-March, SEGA has been pretty quiet on their latest entry into the Virtual-On series. Coming to the Playstation 4 and Vita, the crossover has left many of fans of either franchise mystified. Now with Tokyo Game Show less than a month away we’ve gotten a massive blow out of information in the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation! The new issue covers the Virtuaroids, weapons and the characters from A Certain Magical Index that will be appearing in the crossover. Hit the jump after the break to check out more information and screenshots;

It has also been confirmed that A Certain Magical Virtual-On will be playable at Tokyo Game Show next month. We will be there to give you guys some hands on impressions of the game. Stay tuned.


A-Certain-Magical-Virtual-On_Touma Kamijou
Touma Kamijou and MBV707-G/VSL Temjin – A standard, high versatility Virtuaroid with stable performance. The “Slipner” launcher equipped to its right arm supports both long and short range combat. It is widely used from beginners to advanced users.

Index and IDX-10/3000 Bal Lurune (Index-only machine) – A 545 series, multipurpose-type, integrated Virtuaroid. A practical use Virtuaroid originally developed inside the academy. It is equipped with an autonomous control launcher that can be detached within both arms and the defense husk of the lower body. In previous Virtual-On games, the “Bal” line were Virtuaroids for advanced users.


Accelerator and RVR-87/VSL Specineff “Rusty Blood” (Accelerator-only machine) – A grudge curse assassination Virtuaroid. It amplifies curse in a disorderly manner.

A-Certain-Magical-Virtual-On_Mikoto Misaka
Mikoto Misaka and HBV-502-H8/VSL Raide n “Judge Igniters” – A heavy attack Virtuaroid equipped with high performance optical weapons. It is characterized by its heavy armor and heavy weapons. Its shoulder unit, called Stave 800Z, is equipped with high output lasers.

So far we’ve got returning Virtuaroids with a new lick of paint on them with original ones based more on the character piloting them but it’ll be interesting to see how many more custom made Virtuaroids would be appearing for this game and of those which one would be custom made for this game. Looking over the character list of A Certain Magical Index there is indeed a large cast of characters but without being a fan of the series I cannot comment on how large specific characters’ roles are.


We’re also shown the first level to be revealed for A Certain Magical Virtual-On where the player will battle it out on the game’s academy city stage and the area type is still very much true to the original games, so far so good for those who are hoping the crossover retain some of that Virtual On identity.


It’s also revealed that unlike the previous games were players had access to three weapons, a new fourth weapon has been added to the artillery of the Virtuaroids. This new equippable sounds like it’ll be character specific and related to their own powers that can be used by the Virtuaroid for a brand new attack. This can be seen in the screenshot above where Temjin loads Touma’s “Imagine Breaker” by starting the V-Converter on it’s back, gaining the new weapon.


A Certain Magical Virtual-On is coming for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita this winter in Japan and the game will be playable at Tokyo Game Show from 21st – 24th September. SEGAbits will be there in Japan to cover the event so make sure you come back next month to read our thoughts!


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