Sonic Forces on PC confirms use of Denuvo DRM


It seems that SEGA will still continue to use Denuvo DRM in their upcoming PC port of Sonic Forces. The Steam page for the game has updated confirming that it will be using the anti-tamper DRM software that has a lot of people online rather heated. If you guys didn’t know, Sonic Mania got a two week delay to launch late with Denuvo DRM. One of the big issues with all of this is that SEGA never warned customers that Sonic Mania would feature the infamous DRM. The only other new thing listed in the Sonic Forces steam page is that the port will be co-developed by Sonic Team and Hardlight (in-house studio that made the Sonic Dash series), at least I take this news that the PC version is a port.

As for my opinion, I have quite a few games with Denuvo DRM and really can’t tell the difference between Denuvo or any other form of DRM. While may be the case for me personally, it isn’t the case with online users. The Denuvo DRM carries baggage associated with it and SEGA using it, in my opinion, is a bad PR move. What are your thoughts on Denuvo DRM and Sonic Forces? Are you still going to get the game on PC or are you thinking of dropping it altogether?


11 responses to “Sonic Forces on PC confirms use of Denuvo DRM

  1. LightArc says:

    Out of curiosity: Do you have a source on the idea that the two-week PC delay was *expressly* to add Denuvo DRM? I heard a lot of people *say* that was the reason (and assume so because they hadn’t heard of the DRM prior to the delay), but so far haven’t found any credible evidence to suggest that that’s actually true.

    • George says:

      Hey, I never posted that it was delayed to add Denuvo in the article. I said it was delayed for two weeks and users where frustrated it had Denuvo when it went on sale; because SEGA gave no warning prior. People do say that it was delayed to add Denuvo, but like you said there is no proof of that.

    • LightArc says:

      I’d interpreted “If you guys didn’t know, Sonic Mania got a two week delay to launch late with Denuvo DRM” as meaning “it got a two week delay so that they could add Denuvo DRM”. Apologies if that wasn’t what you meant, I was just curious because I’ve heard the notion a LOT. 🙂

  2. Josh says:

    This would bother me a lot more if I was PC gamer. They still shouldn’t have done this though.

  3. herbir says:

    Denuvo means no buy. Im done with sega

  4. Jessica says:

    That sucks hard. Getting it on the Xbox One, though.

  5. Isaac says:

    just happy to see it come to PC

    • Hoover1979 says:

      As a lazy console port bogged down further with anti-consumer DRM. It’s an insult to PC gamers and should be named “Sonic Farces”

  6. Fábio says:

    Another game for me to skip, unfortunately. I love SEGA and have purchased most of its games that were released on Steam, but I’m never going to get a game with Denuvo, no matter how much I would otherwise love to play it.

  7. Hoover1979 says:

    And like Sonic mania the filthy pirate scum will have the Denuvo cracked and be playing a superior version for free while legit customers will have the bundled crapware, hogging valuable resources. When will these greedy companies learn? Is it worth $100,000.00USD to have the game cracked in a week or less?

    that $100,000.00USD would be better served if it was spent on actual game development rather than accusing all PC gamers of being thieves, preemptively punishing them and demanding their money for a lazy console port!

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