Sonic Forces: Speed Battle now available to download and play for mobile

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Late last night, Sonic Forces: Speed Battle left the status of soft launch and saw wide release becoming available in the App Store and Google Play store. Unfortunately, SEGA has not sent us a press release yet, so we don’t have many more details – like which regions has not yet received the game, what launch day deals there are, etc. The game, however, is now up and running and fully playable.

If you have played the past two Sonic Dash games, Sonic Forces: Speed Battle is essentially an online multiplayer version of Sonic Dash with characters and settings from Sonic Forces. Unlike Sonic Dash, hitting an obstacle does not end the stage, it just slows you down, and stages are not randomized endless courses, there are clear beginnings and ends making it more of a race.

Give the game a try and in the comments below, tell us what you think!

Sonic Forces on PC confirms use of Denuvo DRM


It seems that SEGA will still continue to use Denuvo DRM in their upcoming PC port of Sonic Forces. The Steam page for the game has updated confirming that it will be using the anti-tamper DRM software that has a lot of people online rather heated. If you guys didn’t know, Sonic Mania got a two week delay to launch late with Denuvo DRM. One of the big issues with all of this is that SEGA never warned customers that Sonic Mania would feature the infamous DRM. The only other new thing listed in the Sonic Forces steam page is that the port will be co-developed by Sonic Team and Hardlight (in-house studio that made the Sonic Dash series), at least I take this news that the PC version is a port.

As for my opinion, I have quite a few games with Denuvo DRM and really can’t tell the difference between Denuvo or any other form of DRM. While may be the case for me personally, it isn’t the case with online users. The Denuvo DRM carries baggage associated with it and SEGA using it, in my opinion, is a bad PR move. What are your thoughts on Denuvo DRM and Sonic Forces? Are you still going to get the game on PC or are you thinking of dropping it altogether?

Classic Sonic and Green Hill Zone announced for Sonic Dash

Just a while ago at the Sonic 25th Anniversary event, Sonic Dash, one of SEGA’s popular games for Android and iOS was featured on stage for a bit. Sonic Dash, developed by Hardlight, has hit 200 million downloads, and that isn’t the only news. Green Hill Zone and Classic Sonic were also announced as new content for the game. The new Sonic Dash content will be available to play tonight.

Sonic Dash has reached over 100 million downloads

Seems that SEGA and Hardlight’s Sonic Dash is still a success for the company, originally released in March 2013 the game has now reached over a 100 million downloads on both Android and iOS. The game is a free-to-play endless runner in the vain of Temple Run starting the Blue Blur himself.

SEGA even released a info image detailing all the games accomplishments since release. Including users having collected over 850 billion gold rings, 123 million hours played and a average of 14 million players playing the game daily since launch.

Sonic Jump Fever releases worldwide Thursday, July 10th

SEGA and Hardlight Studio’s followup to the mobile game Sonic Jump, Sonic Jump Fever, has been announced to be releasing worldwide on July 10th. The had a soft launch in Canada back in April, and we went hands-on with the game when we attended E3. From our experience, the game is faster paced and more frantic than Sonic Jump, and it has enough new elements (including Chao gardens!) to make it worth checking out if you enjoyed the original. The game is expected to be free-to-play, so it can’t hurt to download it when it releases in a few days.

Kenji Kanno and Hardlight Studios gives insight on Crazy Taxi City Rush with a Developer Diary series

Kenji Kanno, the original creator of the Crazy Taxi arcade game, and Hardlight Studios gives us an insight on the development on the upcoming Crazy Taxi City Rush mobile game for IOS and Andriod platforms.

While working with the team at Hardlight Studios for the first time, Kenji Kanno wanted them to understand the roots of the game franchise in order for them to be more ambitious and keep the original concept true to the game. He also gives his opinion on the unique thing about smartphones is that you could start the game as a timewaster at first, but become sucked into it and get really addicted to the game.

Hardlight Studio’s Scott West explains that their company has a different audience and playstyle. So what they did with the game was to implement missions from pickup missions, daily challenges which are timed, regular missions, ranking missions and special missions. For more highlights from the video that are included in Crazy Taxi City Rush, be sure to hit the jump.

Crazy Taxi City Rush receives a soft-launch on the Canadian App Store

Canadian SEGA fans who want to get their hands on Crazy Taxi City Rush early can do so now, as the previously revealed soft-launch has begun with the Canadian App Store being the first to receive the game. The free to play game is to feature in-app purchases, and the Canadian App Store page for the game lists the following IAP tiers: Loose change $2.99, Sack of diamonds $9.99, Executive case $9.99, Box of diamonds $19.99, High roller $19.99. Note that these prices are in Canadian currency.

How in-app-purchases work was detailed in our interview with Hardlight Studio’s senior designer Scott West who told us “The main loop of the game consists of the player buying their own Taxi and then completing a series of 7 HQ missions in each District. As these missions get progressively harder, the player will have to upgrade their Taxi to improve its performance and lower the difficulty rating of the HQ Missions. In order to do this, the player can take part in a variety of other missions which are available throughout the district at any one time.”

After the break, check out the full App Store description of the game, and if you’re a Canadian download the game today and tell us what you think!

Interview: Scott West, Hardlight Studio Senior Designer of Crazy Taxi City Rush

SEGAbits: Hi Scott, thank you for answering our questions about the upcoming mobile game Crazy Taxi City Rush! What is your role at SEGA, and what is your favorite SEGA game?

Scott West: Hi there, I’m a Senior Designer at Hardlight Studios. As for favourite SEGA game, it would be impossible to name just one! I’d have to break it down into favourites throughout the course of the Consoles that I grew up with. From the Mega Drive days, I spent my childhood playing the likes of Golden Axe, Sonic, Streets of Rage and Outrun. Then on the Saturn it was Burning Rangers and Virtua Fighter 2 then of course the Dreamcast and House of the Dead, Jet Set Radio and Shenmue! That’s not to mention the hours I spent sinking into the Arcades on games like Rad Mobile and Crazy Taxi!

Hardlight Studio developing Crazy Taxi: City Rush for iOS and Android devices

Update: We’ve added footage of the game in action above, check it out!

SEGA’s Hardlight Studio in cooperation with Kenji Kanno, the man behind the original Crazy Taxi, are back to make more crazy money in Crazy Taxi: City Rush – coming later this year to iOS and Android devices. In an interview with Polygon, producer Stephen Ye described the upcoming free-to-play game as something for “casual players and die-hard Crazy Taxi fans in the mobile space”. A teaser trailer, found after the break, reveals that B.D. Joe has set up shop and is employing players to drive customizable cabs. The game will feature music from some licensed music from indie bands as well as offering players the ability to create their own playlists from their device’s music library.

During their hands on with the game, Polygon noted that the gas pedal is permanently floored and breaking for passengers is done via tapping the screen. Turning requires swiping or moving your finger in a specific direction. Despite the simplified controls, the game was described as being “as frantic as console versions, thanks to the need to dodge cars or quickly switch lanes”. Being a mobile title, daily challenges will be available, and if players connect to Facebook they will be able to pick up their friends as customers within the game. And, as Ye told Polygon, “the more Facebook friends you have, the more social missions you have in the game”. Players can even visit their friends garages to view their cars, and clean them to earn in-game currency.

Crazy Taxi: City Rush will release later this year worldwide, and will be released in Canada and Australia this month as part of a soft launch to prepare the game for a worldwide audience. After the break, more screens and a teaser trailer!

Football Manager Classic 2014 coming to Playstation Vita


SEGA’s Football Manager series sells really well in Europe, so its no surprised when they announced that Football Manager Classic 2014 was coming to Playstation Vita during Gamescom Sony press conference.

So now you are asking yourself why the title has ‘classic’ in the end? Seems that it is a mode that was introduced to last year’s version on PC that makes it quicker for you to get the full Football Manager experience. Yes, you still get access to all the goodies including huge database of players (over 1,500 scouts), 3D match engine, advance AI, and dozens of leagues to play.

Seems that the developer of the game, Sports Interactive actually talked to Hardlight (Sonic Jump and Sonic Dash) about development for the game. Interesting, watching SEGA studios work together. Nice job!