SEGA teases “new sensation camera RPG” game for mobile phones

SEGA is really busy with teases this week, yesterday they teased ‘Valkyria Project’, now a “new sensation camera RPG” mobile game. SEGA launched the teaser website here, according to the teaser site “In 20XX, as a result of never before seen technology, manking has an encounter with the unknown…” After that you get a animation of a smartphone taking photographs of real life objects and people, which turn into illustrations.

It really seems that this will be SEGA’s take on mobile games that use camera as a gameplay function. We saw the popularity with Pokemon Go‘s use of AR via the phone’s camera. The url is even ‘Pashamon‘, which sound very much like Pokemon and even features this cute one eyed creature. I really hope its not a Pokemon Go clone… I really do.

This mobile teased project will be revealed on November 17 at 12:00 JST!

[Source: Gematsu]


2 responses to “SEGA teases “new sensation camera RPG” game for mobile phones

  1. Bertodecosta says: This domain name was registered the 9/05/2017 and update for the very last time the 9/05/2017. The subscription period will finish the 9/05/2018 Domain Administrator (SEGA Games Co., Ltd.) is the owner of domain name.

    Yeah. Pashamon sounds like pokemon and digimon.

  2. herbir says:

    A rip off

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