SEGA’s New RPG Being Teased for TGS 2021 Is a Smartphone Game

We got the news the other day that SEGA had planned on announcing a new RPG during Tokyo Game Show 2021 livestream. Of course, the internet went ablaze with them listing older RPGs they’d like to see revived, some even said they’d be open to a new franchise while many long term SEGA veterans wisely gave up early suggesting it was a mobile game. Guess what? The vets are right, SEGA has opened and teased the game via their Twitter account. The game also got a brand new teaser website as well.

A rough google translation makes it seem that the game’s tag line will be something along the lines of: “Not a straight road, let’s make a one-time trip”. The teaser on the other hand confirms, within its Japanese text that its a mobile game plus shows off some really incredible artwork.

The one complaint I see from mobile fans is that SEGA shut down the Sakura Wars mobile a game within 6 months of launching, now the company is asking gamers to trust that this new RPG will last longer? I guess we shall see, full information will be coming out on the first of October.


5 responses to “SEGA’s New RPG Being Teased for TGS 2021 Is a Smartphone Game

  1. Trezell Whack says:

    Called it

  2. Gwent says:

    Well, mobile games are far more popular in Asia, the old console and TV set up has now become more of a Western standard while mobile games are of little interest in the west.
    Obviously Sega is going to cater to the strengths in that region, that’s just standard business practice now, and it’s a core market in Asian territories, Japan specifically

  3. KaneOhh says:

    Well, I hope this title gets the support that its Sakura Wars predecessor didn’t receive. Though I understand why they did it, I’m still somewhat disappointed that it’s a mobile game. I was hoping for something more ambitious.

  4. Hitrax says:

    I think were going to just have to learn to accept that this is now a normal practice of the gaming industry, we still see it much the same way we did in the 80s and 90s but while it is still a young industry and now all the first generation of gamers are now full grown adults and more adults play games than children now as the industry has come on with technological advancements, the same is also true for companies in how they are approaching the industry.

    To be honest, we still think of mobile games the way PC gamers still think of console games, but really mobiles have advanced the fastest out of all three in the past few decades.
    Now we have three main spaces, (at least in terms of hardware);

    1. Consoles.
    2. Mobiles.
    3. PCs.

    There used to be Arcades as well (there still is to some degree) but in recent decades it has slowly had its market eroded by consoles as they’ve now managed to match and even surpass Arcades in some senses (which began to happen with the Dreamcast), when getting ‘Arcade Perfect’ conversions of Crazy Taxi, and the superior to arcade Soul Calibur on Dreamcast etc, so getting to ‘Arcade perfect’ doesn’t exactly have the same meaning that it did during the Saturn years.

    And now we have seen in recent years, the past two generations of Consoles (that Sega has not partaken in since the 6th generation with the Dreamcast) now essentially just being PCs in a plain flat shaped black box.

    So does that mean maybe mobiles will one day be like home consoles in turn? Well they already have in a sense with Android and iOS in terms of capability at least.

    Personally I’m looking forward to see what Valve does with their new Steamdeck handheld, Valve has a monopoly with Steam in the PC side of the market, so imagine being able to take your Steam library with you anywhere outside of a Desktop or Laptop.

    And Sega is a big promoter of Steam too.

  5. Defender says:

    I don’t even mind mobile being the platform, I just wish more these games were for sale. Just let me give you money for the game, and then I can play it as much as I want. I don’t need it to be “free” but then I basically have to play it one hour a day until one of us gets bored of supporting it. Or I have to start feeding an indeterminate amount of money into the void. The trailer looks cool, just sell me the game.

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