Atlus teases new 3DS Etrian Odyssey title announcement for Spring 2018


Atlus recently held a Etrian Odyssey 10th Anniversary Closing Talk Show in Japan, where they teased that they have a brand new Etrian Odyssey title for the 3DS to announce sometime in Spring 2018.  It was also confirmed that this wouldn’t be Etrian Odyssey 3 Untold (Untold series is remakes of the originals).

We have known that Atlus has been working on another Etrian Odyssey title way back in September. Back then it was confirmed by director Shigeo Komori that it would be a ‘festival-like’ celebration of the franchise.  Again Komori at the event discussed the new game as a “true culmination” with “map drawing to the point that its unpleasant”. If you never played a Etrian Odyssey game, drawing dungeon maps on the second screen is a part of its charm. He also teased that there will be unexpected content in this new game. Sounds interesting and it seems that Atlus isn’t close to giving up on the Nintendo 3DS. What are you’re thoughts going into 2018 with brand new Nintendo 3DS game announcements?

[Source: Gematsu]


One response to “Atlus teases new 3DS Etrian Odyssey title announcement for Spring 2018

  1. Masayuki says:

    New game announced for 2018 for the 3DS, and SEGAbits thinks it’s awesome. New game coming for the Vita in 2018, and they always make fun of it. Just because it failed in the West it doesn’t mean Japanese companies should not invest on it, since it sells well in Japan. I like you guys a lot, but this is something that has been bothering me for a while now.

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