Crazy Taxi joins Games with Gold for February

Hey, hey want to play Crazy Taxi and save some crazy money? Well, it seems that if you are a Xbox Live member you will be able to do just that. The Xbox 360 port of Crazy Taxi is set to join Microsoft’s Games with Gold program this February. Never heard of Games with Gold? Its a monthly service of free downloadable games for Xbox Live subscribers. Unlike rival service PlayStation Plus though, if you download the games, you keep them forever. Even if you cancel Xbox Live.

Crazy Taxi is also backwards compatible with the Xbox One, so you can play it on your shiny new console. While this port of Crazy Taxi isn’t perfect and has its issues, getting it for free to me seems worth it. Actually, since they changed the soundtrack, maybe even for free is asking too much…

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2 responses to “Crazy Taxi joins Games with Gold for February

  1. Ikagura says:

    That’s nice. JSRF when?

  2. jimi Andreas says:

    thanks for the heads up.I prob wouldnt have even turned on my 360 to notice

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