Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown free on Xbox via Games with Gold in July

If you are an Xbox gamer, you are in for a real treat. For the month of July, if you are an Xbox Gold member you will be able to download the following games:

  • Assault Android Cactus (July 1- 31)
  • Death Squared (July 16-Aug.15)
  • Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown (July 1-15)
  • Splinter Cell Conviction (July 16-31)

Though if you look through the YouTube video, it seems most Xbox fans are not happy with the games being chosen and I guess a lot of these Xbox fans put more value on the price of the games being given away instead of how good the games are. Basically they are disappointed that they are doing Xbox 360 games and not Xbox One.

But of course these games are playable on Xbox one via backwards compatibility

[Source: .Major Nelson]

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed goes free with Games with Gold in June – Playable on Xbox One

Xbox fans have quite the treat for the upcoming month of June, if you have a Xbox Live Gold account you will get a variety of games during the month of June. Namely Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed during June 1-15. As you already know if you read this blog, we really love Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and if you haven’t picked it up on Xbox 360, now is the time. If you have an Xbox One console, its playable via backwards compatibility.

Other games in the collection:

  • Assassins Creed Chronicles: Russia
  • Smite 
  • Lego Indiana Jones 2
  • Super Mega Baseball 2

What are your thoughts on Games with Gold’s June 2018 selection of games? Which one are you looking forward to playing the most? Sound off in the comments.

Crazy Taxi joins Games with Gold for February

Hey, hey want to play Crazy Taxi and save some crazy money? Well, it seems that if you are a Xbox Live member you will be able to do just that. The Xbox 360 port of Crazy Taxi is set to join Microsoft’s Games with Gold program this February. Never heard of Games with Gold? Its a monthly service of free downloadable games for Xbox Live subscribers. Unlike rival service PlayStation Plus though, if you download the games, you keep them forever. Even if you cancel Xbox Live.

Crazy Taxi is also backwards compatible with the Xbox One, so you can play it on your shiny new console. While this port of Crazy Taxi isn’t perfect and has its issues, getting it for free to me seems worth it. Actually, since they changed the soundtrack, maybe even for free is asking too much…

Bayonetta is free this August for Xbox Live Gold members

If you own a Xbox 360 or Xbox One (since its backwards compatible now) and been wanting to play Bayonetta? If you have Xbox Live Gold then you will be able to download it completely free as part of their ‘Games with Gold‘ program. If you are new to ‘Games with Gold’, you basically get to keep the games given out each month, as in keep forever. That means if you decide that you don’t want Xbox Live Gold, you’ll still be able to download the titles, which is different to how PlayStation Plus handles their service.

You will be able to download the following games this August:

  • Slim Rancher – Xbox One
  • Trials Fusion – Xbox One
  • Bayonetta – Xbox 360
  • Red Faction: Armageddon – Xbox 360

So what games are you guys going to give a shot? If you already own a physical version of Bayonetta and have Xbox Live Gold, I’d suggest getting the digital version as a back up copy. I mean, it is free and will be on your Xbox Live account in case anything happens to your physical. Always be prepared to play Bayonetta at any time!

[Via: Major Nelson]


Bayonetta coming to PSN digital download service for only $19.99

If for some reason you haven’t picked up a physical copy of the critically acclaimed Bayonetta, now is your chance to get it for only $19.99 without leaving the comfort of your couch. SEGA is releasing their action intense game on PSN on January 29th (U.S, Europe gets it on the 30th) for only $19.99 (£14.99)!

Sadly this version isn’t as good as the 360 version, which by the way is already available to download from their digital store. If you don’t have a Xbox 360, I would say its still worth the $19.99.

Sonic 4 Episode 2 XBOX avatar items now available!

Face it, your avatar looks like crap. It needs something, like a Tails hoodie or a miniature Snowy the Polar Bear. Well SEGA and Microsoft want you to look your best for when Sonic 4 Episode 2 releases, so they’ve released a ton of new avatar items for you to play with! The new items include: An item monitor hooked up to a SEGA Genesis, complete with a Sonic 4 Episode 2 game case and cartridge for you to play, male and female logo shirts, male and female Sonic and Tails branded hoodies complete with ears and spikes on the hood, a half-pipe special stage for your avatar to run in, Tails and Metal Sonic plush dolls, a badnik buddy two pack, a Metal Sonic mask, a Flicky capsule toy and a full body Tails suit. If you have an XBOX account, you can head on over to the online store now to see samples of these items in action. The item monitor and Genesis console item has an especially funny animation. After the break, a gallery of all the goodies!

Sonic Free Riders joins Games on Demand

So let’s say you just got a Kinect unit and you really want to play Sonic Free Riders… Like now. You don’t want to drive to Wal-Mart or some other lame store full of lame people to stand in a lame line to purchase your lame game (oh snap).

Don’t worry, Microsoft and SEGA got you covered. Introducing Games on Demand. Basically you can purchase the game on the Xbox Live Marketplace and download it through the internet. This is the future my friends.

Game is being priced at $49.99. Yeah, pretty much full retail. Rethinking about visiting that lame store?

[Source: SEGAblog]

Sonic & SEGA All – Stars Racing now on Games On Demand


SEGA have just announced today that the all star title from Sumo Digital is now up for download on Xbox Live via Microsoft’s Games on Demand service. ASR joins the ranks with SEGA titles Bayonetta and Aliens Vs. Predator.

Sonic and SEGA All – Stars Racing will set you back $29.99. Well worth it.

Here’s to another way to play as Ryo!

[Source: Gameplay Today]

Second Vanquish demo incoming

Vanquish director Shinji Mikami and producer Atsushi Inaba announced at TGS that they will be having a second demo for their game on Xbox Live and PSN. When? September 22nd. This demo will be called “Vanquish Challenge Mode Demo”.

This second demo is suppose to be for the hardcore fanbase, thus it will be more difficult.  The date is obviously for Japan, no dates for the U.S. or Europe, but if we have a repeat with the last demo announcement, we will probably get it a few days earlier than Japan. I hope!

[Source: 1up]

Vanquish demo up on XBOX Live

As of now the US Vanquish Demo is up on XBOX Live. Go download the demo and tell us what you think! Gold members only. The download clocks in at just under 500MB. The PS3 demo should be up later today whenever Sony decides to update PSN.

PSN usually updates in the afternoon, so don’t expect it up anytime soon.

SEGA thinks EA’s online pass is ‘very clever’

Mike Hayes has said that SEGA is looking at EA’s stance against used games, charging people that buy the game used a fee to play their games online.

“It is a very clever idea and is something we are certainly taking a look at”

Personally I think the system needs a way to transfer the license online before I get behind the idea. I don’t mind ‘Gamestop’ shoppers having to buy the license, but if I give my copy to a friend, I’m not cool with that. Personally I like EA’s own ’10 dollar project’ more, giving early buyers free DLC.

[Source: MCVUK]

Iron Man 2 demo out on Xbox Live

Want to test the game out for yourself? You can go ahead and download the demo on Xbox Live. You can read my review here, if you  haven’t already.

The demo will let you choose from either Iron Man or War Machine. According to the Xbox Live website, the demo weighs in at 1gb. Make sure you have the space.

[Source: MajorNelson]

Metal Sonic & Death Egg Zone now on Xbox Live [update]

We know that this DLC for SEGA & Sonic All-Stars Racing came out early on the UK PSN store, that they had to take it down. Now it is up on Xbox Live (Europe) for 800 MS Points. Yes, we know that the DLC was taken off the PSN store, most likely will come out later today for PSN users.

Want to know if the new character and course are worth your hard earned Microsoft Points? Check out someone playing the DLC on the PS3 version above.

[Edit] AAUK is saying that there is a pricing issue with the DLC and not to buy it. I assume it was suppose to be 560 MS Points, not 800 MS Points. [/Edit]

[Thanks: BlueHero via Twitter]

Dress your Xbox avatar in SEGA gear

Got 160 MS points? You can make your avatar look like Ryo from Shenmue now. Yes, SEGA has unloaded a ton of clothing upon Xbox Live Marketplace for your avatar. Pick your poison:

Ryo Hazuki Jacket (160pts)
Dr.Eggman Glasses (80pts)
Crabmeat Prop (240pts)
Sonic Car Prop (240pts)
Tails Tornado Prop (240pts)
SEGA T-Shirt (80pts)
Billy Hatcher Helmet (80pts)