SEGA News Bits: Dreamcast Games Are Coming Back Online – Its Still Thinking?

Our beloved SEGA Dreamcast was known to be the first console to promote online gaming as a feature thanks to having a modem packed into every console. We got a pretty decent array of online playable games, but sadly after SEGA pulled the life support from the Dreamcast, these beloved games went offline. But now they are being resurrected and on this episode of the SEGA News Bits we look at all the Dreamcast games playable online, Dreamcast games that might come back soon and talk about some of the ones that are still offline. Let us know what online Dreamcast games you played back in the day and which ones you wish where back online in the comments below!

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3 responses to “SEGA News Bits: Dreamcast Games Are Coming Back Online – Its Still Thinking?

  1. IN5ANE 5NIPER says:

    The Dreamcast Junkyard on Facebook says the Dreamcast is actually now more popular than ever, strange that, I guess it really was ahead of it’s time and only the truly most hard-core of the hard-core (especially if those who got it had the Saturn was their other main console) really understood it or would have had back when it came out.

    Now it’s getting all it’s library of online titles back up online again for the first time in years, there’s been more of a higher buzz around it as it goes on, more new titles are being announced for the Dreamcast like a cancelled N64 game that was just announced the other day and Dreamcast wireless controllers soon along with some other unannounced stuff.

  2. Debonair says:

    I wonder what SEGA’s cash reserves currently are?
    Anyone know?

    It seems Nintendo’s has gone up 2 billion in the past few years to something like 6.8 billion.

  3. Roareye says:

    The video could have mentioned the DreamPi (The very piece of hardware that allows for online play), it didn’t need to be a tutorial, but a basic introduction to the hardware and the low cost of it would have worked well. Possibly a mention to the guys rebuilding the servers (of which I am not one)? Without them the project wouldn’t exist.

    Being honest, this video feels rushed and kinda forced. It sounds like George has no interest in playing the Dreamcast online as the lack of effort and his overall negative tone (a kind of “what’s the point” attitude) at the end really spoiled it. He could have looked at the playing numbers, asked the forum, anything to show the growing DC online population.

    Overall it’s great to have more light shed on this awesome rebuild of the DC online universe, but a little more research and less “meh, who cares” at the end would have been even better.

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