Yakuza 6 full game ‘demos’ being revoked by Sony


According to users on ResetEra, if you go back online with the Yakuza 6 full game ‘demo’, which SEGA released the other day, they will revoke the license transforming it back into a demo. Of course if you want to bypass this and play the full game all you need to do is not connect to the internet.

I’m personally glad to see that the PlayStation 4 has the ability to do something like this, considering that I want the franchise to do well in the West. It would really hurt sales if thousands upon thousands of would be costumers unlocked the full game for free. Even if you got the full game and are planning on playing it early by not being connected online, I urge you to support the series by at least getting the game physically when it comes out in April!


2 responses to “Yakuza 6 full game ‘demos’ being revoked by Sony

  1. Adam says:

    I’m hoping people will still support the game with purchasing it. It would be the best thing to do still.

  2. Concerned User says:

    Yeesh, it’s the Daytona USA Championship “update” all over again.

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