Check this out: The Story Of Digital Pictures – The FMV Studio Behind Sewer Shark, Night Trap, Double Switch & More

YouTube Channel Wrestling With Gaming has produced some pretty great gaming documentaries, and his latest one takes a look at Digital Pictures which is the studio behind FMV games including Sewer Shark, Night Trap, and Double Switch. The series creator, Yahel, reached out to SEGAbits for permission to use our 2014 interview with Digital Pictures co-founder Tom Zito, and having seen Yahel’s previous videos we were more than happy to give the thumbs up! So check the video out and make sure to watch his backlog at Wrestling With Gaming, including some great SEGA installments covering VR, Bleem!, and the Saturn and 32X.

Keep up the great work, Yahel! After the break, check out our full original interview with Tom Zito.


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