Sonic at SXSW: Sonic racing game teased

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SEGA and Sonic Team concluded their panel with a tease of a new Sonic game. The logo was in silhouette and only an R could be seen, but it seemed to say Sonic Racing. Aaron noted that it is not a sequel to anything, so it is not Sonic Drift 3, Sonic R 2 or All-Stars Racing 3. Most likely, it is an all Sonic racing game which was previously leaked in a Sumo Digital internal presentation.


9 responses to “Sonic at SXSW: Sonic racing game teased

  1. AfroRyan says:

    I can’t help but be disappointed. I don’t see the point of rebranding it as just a Sonic Mario Kart ripoff instead of a celebration of Sega AND Sonic, but whatever. Maybe they’ll surprise us and it won’t be a part races at all…but I doubt it.

  2. Mickey Gilley says:

    Sumo’s most recent Sonic Racing game was amazing.

  3. Randroid says:

    The “R” is pretty obviously styled like Sonic R, so I’d expect this to be Sonic R modernized. Hyped!!

  4. Michael says:

    I’d say I hope, like in MK8, you get multiple versions of some of the characters. Classic Sonic, Tails, Eggman as well as more modernized versions. Put in Cream, Knuckles, Amy, Stix, Blaze, Silver, Shadow, others from Chaotix. Throw in some easter eggs like the bunny character they were thinking of using before they settled in Sonic’s design. Maybe a few enemies as drivers. See if they can secure some random characters like Pulseman and other 90’s furry mascots from other 3rd parties. A few Sega cameos like Alex Kidd. Maybe avatar creation. Or some more Sega cameos like Opa Opa flying around. Customize all of the characters looks.

    I think they did all they could withh All Stars racing. I would love more of a game focused mostly on the Sonic universe with a charming feeling the MK series has. Think of all the courses based on zones/levels from Sonic 1 all the way to Forces they could beautifully recreate… Race through City Escape. Stardust Speedway. Emerald Hill. Icecap, Hydrocity, Speed Highway, Spring Yard, Studiopolis… Whatever your favorites are.

    I would love the game based mostly on the Sonic universe. There’s so much to draw from. I hope it goes for a more charming/cute feel like MK and older Sonics as opposed to “extreme” and “attutude” And I thought those cars designs in Transformed were a bit gaudy imo.

  5. Tdixpix says:

    I hate to admit it, but kart racing (as shown by Mario) is an excellent genre to fall into for mascots, and since there hasn’t been Kart competition since Crash, this is a niche that Sonic is most suited to exploit. I just hope that they choose to change the format of the racer instead of completely purge all Sega characters.

    That said, I don’t think that Ryo, Akira, Beat and others belong here. Keep the cast to weirdly anthropomorphic Sonic-like characters like RiStar, Aiai and Amigo.

  6. scottr says:

    I don´t need sega games anymore JSRF is 100% emulated on windows right now. Bye.

  7. ratfish says:

    Ungh, not another racing game. If only SEGA would focus on their other IPs instead of just rehashing Sanic into a billion different iterations. :/

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