Sonic Mania Plus trailer arrives – welcome back, Mighty and Ray!

Sonic Mania Plus releases July 17th! Up from the previously reported August 28th!

SEGA has released the trailer for the upcoming physical release of Sonic Mania, dubbed Sonic Mania Plus. The release will contain new content, including playable Mighty and Ray, an Encore Mode and more! If you already own the game digitally, this content will appear via DLC. The physical edition comes with special packaging, a reversible cover, and a 32 Page Art Book.

You can pre-order the game today for Nintendo SwitchPlayStation 4 and Xbox One via Amazon, and in turn support the site.


5 responses to “Sonic Mania Plus trailer arrives – welcome back, Mighty and Ray!

  1. NakDwezl says:

    I kind of wish that Mighty had his wall-jump from Chaotix, but it may not have been practical. This is fantastic–I never thought I’d ever see Mighty and especially Ray in another Sonic game. Super excited!

  2. Jordan Larsen says:

    I’ll admit I probably won’t believe these two are back in the series until I’m in front of my PS4 playing the game. I mean, I get it, I SEE it! But Mighty coming back has been a joke for such a long time that it doesn’t seem like it SHOULD be real. And Ray? Who the hell even remembered this kid? Only people who were hardcore Sonic nerds like myself knew who he was. At best most might have thought he was one of the many Archie exclusive characters, couldn’t exactly blame them for that being as he was only in one Japanese exclusive arcade game and was never mentioned since. I mean Fang, Bean and Bark getting cameos, sure, but Mighty and Ray making NEW playable appearances in an official Sonic Game? Real life became the meme! I’m thrilled, naturally, but still don’t really believe it somehow.

  3. Noel says:

    Do you guys plan to say anything on Shining Resonance’s release date and the new trailer released yesterday? I thought you’d have said something about it at this point.

  4. With 200 hundred dollars I would buy a Switch and Sonic Mania Plus. But im broke…😪

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