Yu Suzuki pledges support for the International Linear Collider, a next generation particle accelerator

It seems that Yu Suzuki has been stepping more and more out of the shadows, even if he is busy working on Shenmue III for his kickstarter project doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have enough time to pledge his support for other project. This time the ILC (International Linear Collider) is gonna be the name for the next generation particle collider that is planned to be built in the mountains of Japan. The idea is to smash particles in the speed of light in order to study what happen at during the Big Bang.

So what is Yu Suzuki doing to support the upcoming collider? It seems the ILC Support group, which Yu Suzuki joined, is a group of famous figures in Japanese entertainment gathering to raise awareness among the general public (this is needed considering how much misinformation I’ve heard from people in my real life). According to Yu, he joined because the Ghost of the Shell director Mamoru Oshii was looking for famous people, in his own words:

“Takeuchi-san [Hiroaki Takeuchi, an anime producer] told me that Mamoru Oshii (director of hits like Ghost in the Shell, and creator of the ILC Supporters group) was calling for members. I’m good friends with Oshii-san so that’s why I joined (haha). Well, it’s not just that. I have been thinking for a long time about the most effective way to help out my home, Iwate Prefecture, which was one of the areas of northern Japan hit by the 2011 tsunami. When I heard about this project [which is sited for the Kitakami mountains of Iwate], I knew I could be useful, and I just had to join.” – Yu Suzuki

You can read more of the interview here. What are your thoughts on Yu Suzuki lending his brand name to things outside of gaming? What is your thoughts on this particle collider that they are planning to set-up in Japan?


2 responses to “Yu Suzuki pledges support for the International Linear Collider, a next generation particle accelerator

  1. Stu says:

    Will this device open up portals to another dimension, and if so, will we end up with dragons and flying stone heads going around harassing us?

  2. LowRenzOh says:

    Friendly advice: Y’all need an editor

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