Fuego alert! Make your own SEGA Gucci sneakers with Cheap Thrills

Last month, on a slow news day, we shared a weird collaboration between SEGA and Gucci. The product was a pair of $1,500 sneakers, which is likely out of most people’s price range.

Thankfully, YouTube channel Super Deluxe has you covered. From the same YouTube channel that brings you the topical Vic Berger edits comes a show called Cheap Thrills hosted by DIY king Nate aka Tabasko Sweet. I discovered the series myself a few months ago and have grown to love it. Nate’s ability to remake rare and expensive products out of stuff you’d find at a craft store and a Kmart is creative, and his deadpan delivery is hilarious. Check the video out for yourself and in the comments below let us know if you’ll be buying the originals or making your own cheap imitations.

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