SEGA Game Gear’s Sonic Chaos being re-imagined by fans, demo out now

Its incredible how talented and hardworking some of the Sonic the Hedgehog fans out there are. Not only does the franchise seem to get some sort of fan remake, re-imagining and other game type projects announced a few times a year; they are usually pretty well thought out! This time the fan team over at A+Start is aiming at re-imagining the 1993 SEGA Game Gear exclusive Sonic Chaos.

Even better? The team over at A+Start has released a full playable demo for you guys to try. You can download that right here.

Seeing the trailer, its quite obvious that the team is very influence by Sonic Mania and that is not a bad thing! As you know we love Sonic Mania. Are you guys going to give this fan re-imagining of Sonic Chaos a spin?

[Via: DSOGaming]


3 responses to “SEGA Game Gear’s Sonic Chaos being re-imagined by fans, demo out now

  1. Ikagura says:

    Sega should give more love to the 8-bit Sonic games

  2. Darren Hunter says:

    It was not a Game Hear exclusive. Also appeared on the Master System.

  3. Zylo:Mark III says:

    With the success of Sonic Mania, I hope that the team behind Streets of Rage Remake could get contracted to work on a licensed Streets of Rage title. SEGA did that team dirty sending a cease & desist AFTER they had sought and were given permission from SEGA.

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