Cinemassacre’s Mike Matei reviews the Game Gear

Cinemassacre, home of the Angry Video Game Nerd, is typically a Nintendo leaning site. However, contributor Mike Matei showed SEGA some love by way of a Game Gear video review. The video covers a number of games including Streets of Rage 2 and X-Men. One interesting aspect of the video is that Mike commissioned a video game hardware wizard to make him a Game Gear that is capable of video out. This allows for a way to capture video directly off the Game Gear. Given Mike’s close ties with James Rolfe, this opens the door for AVGN Game Gear episodes. Want to know how the Game Gear video out modification was done? Check out the video after the break.


2 responses to “Cinemassacre’s Mike Matei reviews the Game Gear

  1. mylifewithsega says:

    I wonder just how much the AVGN leans toward Nintendo. Think about it; 85% of the shitty games he reviews are for Nintendo consoles. However, the Genesis had his preffered Ghost Busters game and he recently expressed a strong love of Sonic…. I think it’s all a ruse. LOL!

  2. Dubba says:

    That looks very cool. Now I wish that I was around back then to have a Game Gear.

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