Nintendo Switch SEGA Ages Out Run, Columns II, Thunder Force AC, and Sonic 2 New Content Detailed

The other day it was announced that SEGA Ages would double its output by putting out four more titles. I guess we can consider the first four released the first wave which included: Sonic the Hedgehog, Thunder Force IV, Phantasy Star, and Alex Kidd in Miracle World. As you know, with past M2 re-releases, they like to add new features to said game. Right now we are looking at all the new details and new content they added for wave 2’s re-releases.

Wave 2 is Out Run, Columns II, Thunder Force AC, and Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The following was translated by Gematsu.

SEGA Ages: Out Run (Official Website)

  • Even More Songs on Top of the 3DS Additions – The Nintendo Switch version supports wide-screen and 60 frames per second graphics. The additional background music tracks added to the 3DS version, “Cruising Line” and “Camino a Mi Amor,” are included in the Switch release in addition to three songs from successive Out Run series titles, arranged to match the sound style of the first Out Run. As for which songs will be used, stay tuned for more information.
  • Gyro Controller Support – Gyro sensor support allows you to play while moving the device like the arcade handle.
  • The Additional Elements from the 3DS version, Including Machine Tuning – The tuning elements added to the 3DS version are included. Change the performance of your car with the addition of four part types: cornering, engine, tire, and bumper.
  • SEGA Ages: Columns II (Official Website)

  • Online Battles – Not only can you have offline battles in table mode, you can also enjoy long-awaited online battles.
  • Easy Difficulty Support – While Columns II is famous for its high difficulty, you can change the settings to make it less difficult from the original version. Aim to clear every stage!

  • SEGA Ages: Thunder Force AC (Official Website)

  • Online Rankings – Online rankings have been added such as All Difficulties-Combined Score Attack, Normal Mode-only Score Attack, etc.
  • Easy Mode – The “Kids Mode” added in the Sega Saturn port of Thunder Force GP2 can be used to play the game with lower difficulty. A rapid-fire feature and such will also be included.
  • Even More Additional Elements – Even more Sega Ages-only additional elements are being prepared. Stay tuned for more information.

  • SEGA Ages: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Official Site)

  • Additional Actions – The “drop dash” action added to the latest classic Sonic game Sonic Mania has been added to the Sega Ages version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Run through familiar stages using the new action!
  • Online Rankings – Online rankings are being prepared for Time Attack Mode.
  • Super Sonic Mode and Other Elements from the 3DS Version – The “Ring Keep” and “Super Sonic Mode” additions from the 3DS version will reappear in the Sega Ages version. Super Sonic Mode lets you play with possession of all the Chaos Emeralds from the beginning of the game. The Chaos Emeralds allows Sonic to transform into Super Sonic, who has overwhelming speed and strength.
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    6 responses to “Nintendo Switch SEGA Ages Out Run, Columns II, Thunder Force AC, and Sonic 2 New Content Detailed

    1. cinoS says:

      I definitely didn’t see the drop dash in Sonic 2 coming. Awesome!

    2. I’m still trying to download games onto my SEGA Genesis Ultimate Flashback 2017 edition. I’m still having trouble with it and I’m trying to find a site that downloads .bin files I’m having no luck it. So I’m trying to convert the games I do have to .bin by using Convertio site. But the best I can do is the .7z. I have a 8 gigabyte sd card.

    3. What I’m asking is, what site is the best for downloading .bin roms that isn’t blocked thanks to Nintendo.

    4. RushDawg says:

      Kinda lame that they can’t add the extras from the Christian Whitehead iOS port of Sonic 2

    5. Senjav says:

      Why the fk is it on the Switch exclusively?
      Sick of seeing Nintendo’s name in these articles, how hard can it be for Sega to just do a decent conversion and put it on Xbox Live or something?

    6. Ikagura says:

      Wow, I like it.

      Too bad it’s not on PC as well

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