Retro Fighters Launches Pre-Orders and Kickstarter for SEGA Controllers

The modern retro accessory manufacturer Retro Fighters famous for the Brawler 64, a modern two-prong controller for the Nintendo 64 previously funded through Kickstarter, are now looking to release controllers for Mega Drive, Genesis and Saturn for pre-order as well as looking for funds for their Dreamcast controller via Kickstarter.

Featured on their website is the 2 in 1 controller designed for use on Mega Drive/Genesis and Saturn platforms named the BrawlerGen. Featuring six face buttons and an analog control stick supporting all platforms, a ‘Mode’ button for supported Mega Drive and Genesis games and two shoulder buttons for Saturn. The two handed design mimics the ergonomic form seen in modern controllers while supporting features necessary for all platforms. Bypassing crowdfunding, the controller is available with an MSRP of $39.99 for pre-order on their website with a launch date set for the 10th of June this year.

Retro Fighters has also launched a Kickstarter for their “Next Gen Dreamcast Controller.” After it’s first day the project has already blown past it’s initial goal with stretch goals in place for stickers as well as additional color variants. The information on the Kickstarter page shows that the controller retains the features of the original including two slots for VMU and Jump Pack accessories. The controller will also feature two bumper triggers on top of the controller, a larger D-pad as well as turbo functions. The Kickstarter page features a PCBA of the controller’s inner parts with footage of the device in action. The proposed MSRP rests at $49.99 compared to the Brawler 64’s lower price point. The Kickstarter notes this is to accommodate for parts and software necessary to allow for slotted accessories such as VMUs and Jump Packs. Estimated delivery is set for September of this year.

While these devices are likely to compete with Retro-bit’s Official SEGA controllers these are good for SEGA fans looking for alternatives to the standard form factor. Especially since Retro-bit has yet to provide a release of their official Dreamcast controllers. Otherwise there are next to no alternatives for SEGA’s disc based platforms compared to the immense popularity of the Mega Drive of varying quality. The Brawler 64’s overall positive reception helps show promise for Retro Fighters’ SEGA offerings. The 2 in 1 connector for the BrawlerGen has yet to be seen and does not appear to feature a digital/analog switch for Saturn titles (as not all Saturn games support the dedicated 3D Analog Pad which this controller is likely replicating) however the controller may sport a digital switch that is not currently advertised. Dreamcast fans will be happy to have a new controller with a fresh control stick. Both controllers presented will no doubt be a welcome addition for SEGA fans who want to find modern styled controllers or are looking for suitable replacements. You can check out more information on the BrawlerGen on their website as well as their Kickstarter page for their Dreamcast controller.


7 responses to “Retro Fighters Launches Pre-Orders and Kickstarter for SEGA Controllers

  1. Neal says:

    Seems like there should be six top-buttons on a proper fighting controller to accommodate all the Capcom fighters on the Dreamcast.

  2. cube_b3 says:

    It is nice that they are revising the controller but releasing a controller after 20 years and it is still wired? I can’t see myself even picking it up on retail, forget kickstarter.

    • Setnaro X says:

      There’s no way they could ever make a wireless controller for the SEGA Dreamcast, especially if it used a VMU. How would you send the VMU data wirelessly without issues?

    • BigJon says:

      Sega are making a new Bluetooth Dreamcast controller with Sega hiring Retrobit to handale the distribution. These ones will be wireless.

  3. Montyburns says:

    Need 6 face buttons for Capcom fighting games or arcade style fighting games in general. Using bumper and shoulder buttons makes more work and strain on the fingers when executing special moves and or combos.

  4. Hitrax says:

    That would be another third party variation from companies that mould their peripherals to be a combination of multiple designs in the interests of universal appeal, building on influences from appliance hardware manufacturing companies like Sony and Microsoft, though geared for the original more than a follow up.

    The Dreamcast controller was a follow up of the 3D Saturn controller, if you’re talking about a follow up of that, a real official Dreamcast 2™ controller concept from Sega® would follow more like this, with twin sticks featured here ~

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