Famitsu reveals more Shenmue III details and shows the return of the forklift!

The latest issue of Japan’s Famitsu magazine has a new interview with Yu Suzuki discussing the upcoming Shenmue III, and the highlight is an in-game image of Ryo once again riding a forklift. The website Twinfinite details some of the information Suzuki reveals in the interview, with the focus being on mini games and how the system works in the game. It seems China is once again impacting our entertainment, as the real world strict gambling laws in the country has changed the way mini games function in Shenmue III.

In the game there will be an arcade where you trade your in-game currency for a separate currency used only for mini games. Playing mini-games will earn you prizes, which in turn can be sold at pawn shops for money. It’s a far more complicated way to earn more money than the previous two games, but it doesn’t sound like too much of a headache. Also revealed is a turtle race mini-game which sounds like it plays a lot like Sonic Adventure‘s Chao race, where you cheer on your turtle. The forklift will return as a part-time job, though no mention yet of racing them.

You can check out the full article on Twinfinite where they detail a fishing mini-game and other in-game ways to earn money. What do you think of these new bits of info?


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  1. Senjav says:

    You should use Phantom River Stone as a source, they are probably the best independent site on all things Shenmue related, they look much more in-depth on every aspect and translate everything on the regular, they have their own Facebook page too.

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