Game Freak’s Pulseman illustration video now Western friendly with English subtitles

If you’re a regular visitor to our little SEGA corner of the internet, you probably like to revisit some titles that you might have missed in the 90s and it seems that Game Freak’s Pulseman was pretty slept on in the 90s.

The video above has Pulseman director Ken Sugimori drawing Pulseman as he gives details into the character’s creation, what inspired him and why they made him as a direct opposition to Sonic the Hedgehog‘s design. Kind of funny that Ken Sugimori says that Sonic the Hedgehog had a ‘western look’ when I felt like Sonic the Hedgehog was a mix of classic Mickey/Felix the Cat mixed with a Japanese twist. But I guess Ken is right, its quite obvious that Sonic was inspired by early American mascot cartoons.

Love Ken Sugimori’s Mega Drive jacket. Very cool.

[Source: Siliconera]


4 responses to “Game Freak’s Pulseman illustration video now Western friendly with English subtitles

  1. Miguel says:

    Yeah I always thought that Sonic had that look of Felix the Cat.

  2. Deefy says:


  3. Hitrax says:

    Marvellous. Love articles like this.
    I too never experienced Pulseman at the time, never even knew it existed then, I’ve been hearing about it for years though and learned over that time and knew it was an exclusive to the SEGA net channel adaptor and subscription service in the States, little wonder then fewer people had the chance with it.

    Could be a great opportunity for SEGA to include it as one of the yet unannounced titles for the re-release of the MegaDrive later this year.

  4. Deefy says:

    Before my death I would like to play Pulseman.

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