PtoPOnline Reveals Climax’s Prototype Footage of Unreleased Crazy Taxi Game

If you haven’t been following the YouTube channel PtoPOnline run by Andrew Borman, you’re missing out on a channel that shows games that were cancelled, in-development or purely conceptual. As is the case for a video recently uploaded showcasing Climax’s development of a Crazy Taxi game, Crazy Taxi Twenty Four – Seven. The purpose of the video isn’t fully known nor how far the deal between Climax and SEGA proceeded, however the video was likely a demonstration to be shown to SEGA that outlines the general workflow of the game’s development had they decided to proceed with the project. Climax, now known as Climax Studios who are into VR development these days, are more famous for titles such as Sudeki on the original Xbox as well as the developer behind Silent Hill titles such as Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

The video shows off tools, concept art and gameplay concepts that were planned for the release including a day-night cycle where environments would change it’s lighting and skybox while level editing tools were coupled with a game engine used in one of their previous Hot Wheels projects. Andrew Borman, the person behind PtoPOnline noted in the YouTube comments on the video even mentioned that among the files for the game included songs from The Offspring to give the game more authenticity to the original.

Unfortunately further details about the game outside of the video are scarce and obviously not quite as publically known as Kuju Entertainment’s pitch for a new Jet Set Radio game. This also has nothing to do with the Crazy Taxi 4 pitch that was revealed publically around 2015. There’s no exact dates of when this game started development. No target platforms are mentioned either. Despite the video featuring Xbox hardware, the system was commonly used by Climax to help the studio pitch several projects to publishers that helped expedite prototype development. As was the case for one of the developer’s many other pitches including a new Diddy Kong Racing game for the GameCube.

Be sure to check out the channel’s other videos including demystifying the Sonic Extreme pitch by Vision Scape Interactive. PtoPOnline is full of material you don’t usually get to see during the game development process. Andrew also promises to reveal material of Climax’s pitch for a Sonic the Hedgehog game in the near future. What are your thoughts in what could have been in the history of Crazy Taxi?


6 responses to “PtoPOnline Reveals Climax’s Prototype Footage of Unreleased Crazy Taxi Game

  1. AdamL says:

    Interesting, it’s a shame this never came to fruition. I could definitely use some more Crazy Taxi in my life!

  2. Deefy says:

    The history of SEGA is full of canceled games and projects.

    All clearly better than anything born of any other company.

  3. Crazy taxi twenty Ford Seven is cool

  4. Când se la sează crazy taxi twenty Four Seven

  5. Alex says:

    When the leaves crazy taxi twenty four sever

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