SEGA announces SolSeraph, ActRaiser inspired game with Yuzo Koshiro involved

SEGA really kept this digital title under wraps, Sol Seraph is a brand new title by ACE Team (Rock of Ages, Zeno Clash) which will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam on July 10th for only $14.99! Above you can check out the debut trailer for the game.

If you check out the gameplay in the trailer above, you would probably agree that it seems like this game is directly inspired by the 1990 platformer/building simulator game on the SNES, ActRaiser. Unsurprisingly Yuzo Koshiro who worked on the soundtrack to ActRaiser is involved with SolSeraph. he will be doing the theme song!

What do you guys think about SEGA publishing a spiritual successor to ActRaiser? you excited for this game come next month?


9 responses to “SEGA announces SolSeraph, ActRaiser inspired game with Yuzo Koshiro involved

  1. cube_b3 says:

    Music is hardly remarkable…

  2. ikagura says:

    Doesn’t looks that good

  3. j997548 says:

    Music sounds good. Game looks good.

    You’d have to be a real Nintendrone to dislike it lol.

  4. Anthony says:

    I would be excited except for how much this looks like a mobile game distributed on consoles.

  5. legaiaflame says:

    Graphics look dull, uninspired, lackluster and rushed. Would rather go play ActRaiser on SNES…

  6. Debonair says:

    I’m trying to work out what this new franchise does that stops it being obscured by generic hack and slashers. Will just have to wait and see though so far it’s hardly something new from what is seen so far.

  7. Debonair says:

    Oh right it’s a building simulator as well supposedly, okay then.


    Looks exciting, thumbs up from me.

  9. Deefy says:

    From what I’ve seen in the announcement trailer this title seems interesting, at least for me.

    It’s a typical ACE production, but with an evolution, positive, I think.

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