Sonic Mania physical version coming to Nintendo Switch, hints ESRB


Sonic Mania has been out for a few months and while the game got physical collector’s edition, the game itself was never available in a physical medium. There is still a pool of gamers that are hoping SEGA does a physical version of the game and that might be happening. Earlier today, the ESRB twitter account posted a updated ESRB rating for Sonic Mania. If you look into the replies, someone already asked what we are all thinking: Why re-rate a game that has been out for months? ESRB’s reply:

When the ESRB account was pressed more on its reply, it said they don’t know if Sonic Mania is going to be released physically and that they only rate games. But they did say that all physical games need a ESRB summary, which is why the rating had been updated. We could be seeing a physical version of Sonic Mania, at least on the Nintendo Switch. Would you buy Sonic Mania again and if so, how much are you willing to spend on a physical version of the game?

Update: According to Sonic the Hedgehog social media manager Aaron Webber, this ESRB update actually has to do with the Collector’s Edition. Still not adding up why they would update the ESRB summaries months after the game released.


5 responses to “Sonic Mania physical version coming to Nintendo Switch, hints ESRB

  1. Icystorm9 says:

    I’d spend 29.99 on a physical copy of Mania.

  2. Bertodecosta says:

    La la la la… Don’t play with my heart….

  3. Dale says:

    I’d buy physical copy on 3ds but like Sega 3D classics 1.2.3. Box, it doesn’t seem likely…..thanks a lot sega!

  4. David Charpentier says:

    I will buy a physical edition at $29..99, no questions asked! I hope if the physical version does happen it’s also on PS4 and Switch!

  5. Schmoester says:

    This will be sweat as my meat!!!

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