New Aleste game “Aleste Branch” announced, being developed by M2

Those that are a big fans of shmups and SEGA consoles, you might be familiar with the Aleste series by Compile, such as with the Master System version of Aleste or MUSHA on the SEGA Genesis. Well good news, because the developers at M2 are planning on reviving the series, under the title Aleste Branch. Not much has been revealed, but what is confirmed is that similar to past games, you’ll be controlling a female pilot named Eleanor Wiesen, and a teaser of what the game’s space ship will look like. According to Famitsu, the character designs are being handled by artist Eiji Komato.

Though not much information has been revealed, it’s promised that more information will be revealed by September 7th, while the appearance of the full ship will be revealed on July 28th at Wonder Festival 2019.

[Source: M2Famitsu]


11 responses to “New Aleste game “Aleste Branch” announced, being developed by M2

  1. Paulo Radtke says:

    The first Aleste on the msx, and Super Aleste on the super Famicom, both had a dude piloting the ship.

    • ikagura says:

      So? I mean you mostly look at a ship in these game

    • DCGX says:

      I see how you can read that sentence as describing the characters from the earlier games as being female, but that sentence is a rundown of the newly announced game. Not the series as a whole.

  2. me says:

    Another Switch exclusive no doubt…

  3. DCGX says:

    You know, SEGAbits has got one of the most negative comments sections on the internet for gaming related sites. Like, it’s really bad. It makes me not want to visit the site anymore. How did this happen? It never used to be like this.

    • Centrale says:

      Maybe because smartphones have opened up the internet to the saltiest simpletons in the world? It seems like every comment section is a dungheap, not just this one.

    • ikagura says:

      You’re free to not read nor care about the comments…

  4. ikagura says:

    Why is there an anime girl?

  5. Fat Frog says:
    (in game art)
    (idealized fan art)

    Anime girls were part of Musha Aleste… but I admit i dislike the fact the character is even younger :/. (that was ok when we were teenagers)

  6. Roger says:

    If they bring the game to the West, I wonder if they’re going to change the protagonist’s name from Eleanor (“Ellie”) to Terri again like when they transitioned Musha Aleste: Full-Metal Eleanor (JP) to M.U.S.H.A. (US/EU).

  7. Hagane says:

    Because the pilot in the original MUSHA was an anime girl?

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