SEGA Talk #24: Last Bronx (1996)

On this SEGA Talk, we return to the world of 3D fighters with the underrated AM3 arcade to Saturn to PC game Last Bronx. While on the surface, the game is similar to AM2’s efforts, there is a lot that sets it apart. Check out the show as we discuss the development history, the intense storyline and the legacy of Last Bronx!

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4 responses to “SEGA Talk #24: Last Bronx (1996)

  1. Miguel says:

    I remember it was apart of the last set of games that came out for the Sega Saturn.

  2. Centrale says:

    The packaging artwork for the Japanese version of this game is really elaborate, with a cool poster. Unfortunately mine got water damaged in transit when I bought it.

    Is there a training mode in this game? I went through the menu options (in Japanese) but couldn’t seem to find one.

    • Miguel says:

      There should be a training mode after all the game came out in the states I got lucky finding one copy, the hardest one to find was Panzer Dragoon Saga.

  3. Ravsieg (Joao) says:

    Last Bronx defined a large chunk of my childhood, I wish it was given a lot more love.

    The training disc was a huge con, though! The European version even had localised information to tell us about it in-game. I spent the good part of 2 decades thinking someone got away with selling me half of the product, only to find out the training disc was JP much later.

    The music is great, too. Some tracks really stand out. Unlike most of the other Model 2 ports into the Saturn, it uses the original tunes instead of CD quality renditions. There were a few remix tracks left into redbook audio, though… I wonder if they canned those mixes at some point.

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