SEGA Talk #24: Last Bronx (1996)

On this SEGA Talk, we return to the world of 3D fighters with the underrated AM3 arcade to Saturn to PC game Last Bronx. While on the surface, the game is similar to AM2’s efforts, there is a lot that sets it apart. Check out the show as we discuss the development history, the intense storyline and the legacy of Last Bronx!

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The Last Boss: Red Eye

Red Eye is an unwilling agent for the notorious Redrum gang (Try reading that backwards! Mind blowing right?) from Sega’s 1996 fighting game Last Bronx. In a move befitting an evil organisation with such an evil name, their method for recruiting Red Eye (formerly known as Ken Kono) was to offer him something called the Redrum challenge (which I can only assume is a blind taste test of various cola brands). He refused them, and so they naturally set him on fire, causing him to go insane and rather than suffering horrible burns, his skin just turned an odd shade of bright red. He also got a pair of cool night vision goggles, giving him that little bit of extra weirdness/style to cement his image as the ‘crazy evil guy’ of the game.