ChuChu Rocket! Universe coming to Apple Arcade

It has been speculated behind the scenes at SEGAbits HQ that this would be happening, and today’s the day! Apple’s keynote revealed new information about their upcoming streaming gaming subscription service Apple Arcade, including new games. We knew about Sonic Racing, but another SEGA title is going to appear on the service as well. ChuChu Rocket! Universe is an all new puzzle game which “launches the beloved ChuChus into a universe of strange and wonderful planets with over 100 mind-bending puzzles”.

Not much is known outside of this, but we are sure to be getting a press release and additional details soon! It’s great to see ChuChu Rocket! return, and while people will no doubt moan about it being a mobile game I personally loved the Game Boy Advance and App Store versions of the game.


One response to “ChuChu Rocket! Universe coming to Apple Arcade

  1. Batman says:

    I hope it’s a timed exclusive or that a port will someday show up on other consoles that I actually have. As I’m not getting an iPhone for this game.

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