ChuChu Rocket! Universe coming to Apple Arcade

It has been speculated behind the scenes at SEGAbits HQ that this would be happening, and today’s the day! Apple’s keynote revealed new information about their upcoming streaming gaming subscription service Apple Arcade, including new games. We knew about Sonic Racing, but another SEGA title is going to appear on the service as well. ChuChu Rocket! Universe is an all new puzzle game which “launches the beloved ChuChus into a universe of strange and wonderful planets with over 100 mind-bending puzzles”.

SEGA Japan launches Sonic tweeting game

SEGA Japan launched another web app for Sonic’s 20th anniversary. This strange little app is called “Sonic ★ Tweet“.

I guess the way the game works is that you have to use the twitter client to unlock 500 cards that feature characters from Sonic’s history. How do you unlock the cards? Defeat Eggman by using some wit in your tweets.

Basically the game takes your tweet, breaks down the words and each one has assigned points. Depending on what words you use, in one tweet (and what others online are using) you rank in combos, giving Sonic’s attack more damage.

After you take down Eggman’s health to zero, you will get exp and a card. Cards can be used to bypass a cooldown phase (you have a limit to how much you can attack).

Sadly this game is only up for our Japanese readers, the rest of us either have to learn Japanese or pretend we know how.

[Source: Sonic Wrecks]

iPad Chu Chu Rocket is FREE today only!

Chu Chu Rocket for the iPad is FREE today courtesy of AppAllStar. AppAllStar offers a free app every day and can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.  The iPad version of Chu Chu Rocket has an exclusive mode where by everyone plays VS. each other on the same iPad touch screen.

Chu Chu Rocket is one of the best party games ever made and to pass it up for free would be FOOLISH… FOOLISH.

Go download it quick!