Alien: Isolation Nintendo Switch port gets gameplay and content reveal trailer

If you guys remember this last E3,that there was a Alien: Isolation Nintendo Switch port announced. While the original game was published by SEGA and developed in-house by The Creative Assembly studio; it seems this Switch port will be handled by Feral Interactive but the publisher isn’t be listed anywhere I checked and seeing that all updates are going through Feral Interactive, I doubt SEGA has a hand in publishing this title.

As for this version of Alien: Isolation,this version will include all 7 DLCs from the original release including the highly acclaimed ‘Last Survivors DLC which includes the original movie cast.

Isn’t it strange that this is a in-house created SEGA game but they aren’t (probably) publishing it?


2 responses to “Alien: Isolation Nintendo Switch port gets gameplay and content reveal trailer

  1. James says:

    …but the SEGA logo IS in that video. It totally is.

  2. Rick says:

    Not only is the logo in the trailer, when it was revealed during the Nintendo Direct it says ‘SEGA Europe’ on the bottom in the publisher tab & it’s listed on SEGAs website. 😉

    The question that should be asked is why isn’t SEGA pushing it with marketing? Maybe has something to do with the fact that they still haven’t announced a release date even though its still slated for 2019 (according to the trailer), yet its already November. Best guess is development issues, which might lead to a delay. Or they’ll just dump it for the holiday season even though the game might be broken just to get those Switch dollars.

    Despite its age, it still has amazing graphics. I can see the Switch not handling the game well so it’ll need some extra work to get it to run smoothly. Then the internal question for SEGA is how much do we want to spend on a port of a 5 year old game?

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