SEGA Sammy to merge SEGA Games and SEGA Interactive in April 2020

SEGA Sammy has announced that two of it’s subsidiaries, SEGA Games and SEGA Interactive, are going to be merged into a single entity called SEGA Corporation. While SEGA Holdings Ltd. will be renamed to SEGA Group Cooperation. For context, SEGA technically isn’t a single entity, but rather multiple divisions under the SEGA Sammy umbrella, in this case SEGA Games handling the video games and SEGA Interactive handling amusement machines like UFO catchers. According to the official PDF file describing the merger, the decision was due to wanting to strengthen their research and development on new products for a global market, while also citing their previously discussed “Road to 2020” plan as another influence. It’s also possibly related to their declining arcade division, though that was not officially cited.

This merger is being planned for a April 1st 2020 schedule, though meetings between shareholders are also planned during February and March 2020. It’s promised that these changes will not dramatically impact production on future products, again with the claim that having these divisions under a single union will improve productivity for a global market.

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10 responses to “SEGA Sammy to merge SEGA Games and SEGA Interactive in April 2020

  1. Bring on VF6 says:

    WTF does SEGA need to see to know that it needs to do a new Virtua Fighter.

    • Debonair says:

      Virtua Fighter isn’t a rush franchise but a generational one, many graphics haven’t yet excelled past the right point for Sega yet to see what they could do that they couldn’t in VF5.

      Though Sega did re-print two new Virtua Fighter patents but it was last year, they’re probably waiting for the next Sega arcade console hardware to develop first, what Sega arcade console is out just now? The Cyclone wasn’t it?

  2. Razzee says:

    “In Entertainment Contents Business, the Packaged Games area performed
    favorably, centered on expanding overseas markets, and we were able to build a structure capable
    of generating stable profits.

    On the other hand, the Digital Games area centered on mobile games
    in Japan performed below expectation and made it difficult to achieve the targets initially set for
    ‘Road to 2020’.”

    This is so good. With this they should relocate everyone to make real games instead of mobile cash grabs.

    • Alex Ross says:

      Are you saying they shouldn’t have released mobile ports of classic Genesis games? There’s no way anyone would be able to play those games with out buying a console to play them on and they’re free. They were good ports and were not cash grabs at all.

    • Gwent says:

      Mobile games are usually free to play anyway, hence tens of millions of downloads on some mobile titles doesn’t usually generate much profit for companies, the idea is that making the base game free acts as advertisement and marketing by default and the players will either subscribe or purchase the content on it over time which is what actually generates the profit.

      There are some decent mobile games like:

      Sonic Dash
      Sega Heros
      Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2
      Bullet Hell Monday
      Bullet Hell Monday Black
      League of Wonderland
      Taytona Racing


      As well as all the Sega Forever range of mainly still classic Mega Drive games.

      I wish Sega would give the Master System, Saturn, Mega CD and even 32X the same recognition, but Sega seems to still be a bit embarrassed by them in the west at least (America), maybe because America was the worst performing market for Master System and Saturn in the world.

    • Debonair says:


  3. Translation: “We outsourced too much, despite promising to stop that. Rather than fix this, we’re going to do another corporate shell game realignment. Huzzah!”

  4. TayzeBell says:

    That’s a lot of corporate speech and such, which is something I i herently distrust, but if they’re being truthful about it increasing productivity and the like I’m open to the whole shibang. Guess we’ll just have to see how it pans out.

  5. IN5ANE 5NIPER says:

    So overall, good news?

  6. Gwent says:

    This should probably be good, synergising a bloated force.

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