Arcade 1Up SEGA arcade cabinet in the works, to feature Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder

CES 2020 is happening now in Las Vegas, and while the trade show is no longer the top dog when it comes to video game reveals there was a bit of BIG SEGA news that hit late yesterday. Arcade 1Up, the company behind smaller sized home arcade cabinets, have inked a deal to release SEGA games and their first release is a doozy. If you watch our SEGA News Bits videos, you’ll know that one of our most often requested rereleases is the 1992 classic Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder which never saw a home port.

Now, Arcade 1Up will be offering fans a chance to bring the game home in arcade cabinet form as the SEGA lineup features Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder, Shinobi, Altered Beast, Wrestle Wars, and Golden Axe. If the emulation is perfected, this could prove to be a must own for SEGA fans! We will share more news as we hear it.


5 responses to “Arcade 1Up SEGA arcade cabinet in the works, to feature Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder

  1. Mark Goodhart says:

    I desperately hope this means the game will be released normally elsewhere soon. It’s really obnoxious when previously unported games get trapped in expensive gimmick peripherals like these, like how AvP and Progear are stuck in that goofy Capcom stick. Given what I’ve heard of the build quality of the Arcade 1up machines, I’d be better off getting the actual Revenge of Death Adder cabinet.

  2. Centrale says:

    This is part of the third wave of Arcade 1Up cabinets, and there have been significant improvements to each successive series of releases. There have been improved screens, clear plexi control panel protectors added, lighted marquees added, and this Golden Axe cabinet is the first that has an optional scanline overlay to make it look more like an original CRT. I think the company is headed in the right direction and has been listening to fans, so it might be worth keeping an open mind about.

    Of course if you are handy with maintaining and repairing 30-year-old electronics, and can get a couple of strong moving buddies and a handtruck and ratchet straps, an original 300+ lb. Revenge of Death Adder cabinet would be great to have. The JAMMA board alone goes for more than this 3/4 scale cabinet will, though.

  3. Harlemknight says:

    I waiting for Arcade 1up to release a Sega themed compilation. This one I will pick up when it’s released. IMO I think they should of put Alien Storm, Arabian Fight and Spiderman the video game (if they were able to get the license from marvel). These games support up to 4 players, except Alien Storm which is 3 player. If anyone wants to see early footage of the Arcade 1Up Golden Axe cabinet in action you check out Retro Ralph on YouTube.

  4. OriginalName says:

    That’s really cool! Glad to see it finally get some sort of official release. Wish we could’ve had it ages ago on the 32X or Saturn, but that’s very old news.

    Wrestle War seems like an odd choice, though. Wonder why they decided on that one?

  5. DCGX says:

    I have the Marvel Special Edition cab, and really, really like it, but it has Sanwa parts, etc. which makes a big difference (not that these games would benefit from Sanwa).

    I don’t really have the room for many of these in my game room/basement, but damn let ‘Altered Beast’ die already!

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