Madou Monogatari I for Mega Drive gets an English fan translation

A new English translation for the Madou Monogatari series has been released, this time for the Mega Drive version of Madou Monogatari I. Like the other versions of Madou Monogatari I, you play as 6 year old Arle Nadja, who was chosen to climb up a monster infested tower to pass her exam at Magic Kindergarten. This version also adds extra plot elements, such as the inclusion of the two characters Camus and Lulu who occasionally appear throughout the tower, along with a secret boss fight against a mysterious foe implied to be Satan, who can only be fought once certain criteria is met. Another major change is the battle system, which has been overhauled to now play in real-time, using button combinations in order to execute spells or to dodge attacks.

This fan translation as expected translates the entire game into English, complete with a title renaming to “Sorcery Saga I”. For extra authenticity, you can mod your SEGA Genesis Mini to play this game, doubly so if you have a Japanese Mega Drive Mini on hand and want to properly play Madou Monogatari I in English.



2 responses to “Madou Monogatari I for Mega Drive gets an English fan translation

  1. TJ says:

    Emulator WHERE?

    • Anonymous Fat Boat says:

      They will not provide an emulator, however, there are genesis emulators like Kega Fusion (my personal favorite) or Gens (a close second) for Windows, and you can search up good genesis/megadrive emulators for whatever you’re on.

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