Tamaki Nakanishi, Carbuncle’s Japanese voice actress, has passed away

Puyo Puyo producer Mizuki Hosoyamada has revealed on social media that the voice actress for Carbuncle, Tamaki Nakanishi, has passed away. For context, Tamaki Nakanishi has been the voice actress for Carbuncle since Puyo Puyo Fever, making her have the honor of having the longest lasting role for voicing the character, for almost 17 years. She also provides the voices for the recurring minor characters Yu and Rei.

Appropriately, several people who have worked with the production of Puyo Puyo games have expressed condolences for this sudden death, such as the voice actress for Arle Nadja Mie Sonozaki and the voice actor for Satan (aka Dark Prince) Chikara Ousaka.

It’s currently unknown what will happen to these roles in the future, whether it will be a new voice actress handling the role, the characters get quietly retired, or voice clips of past performances getting recycled.


2 responses to “Tamaki Nakanishi, Carbuncle’s Japanese voice actress, has passed away

  1. Arkz Nero says:

    Knowing Japan, I’d expect they most likely retire the character.

    • Jin says:

      I doubt they will retire the characters. At least Carbuncle, which is a staple in the series. They’ll most likely get a new voice for them, just like they did when the Japanese voice actor for Eggman passed away before Sonic Forces.

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