Panzer Dragoon Remake now available on the Nintendo Switch

A bit of an unexpected drop! As revealed in Nintendo’s latest Nintendo Direct Mini, Panzer Dragoon Remake is now available for the Nintendo Switch. The game is available in all regions for $24.99 and equivalent, so far only digitally on the Nintendo Switch eShop. A Steam release is also planned, but it’s still unknown when Panzer Dragoon Remake will release on Steam and possibly other system.

The game itself is a recreation of the original 1995 SEGA Saturn cult classic, as you take on the role of a rider flying an armored dragon through flooded temples and barren deserts. Your objective is to survive and defeat the evil Prototype Dragon and other monsters by using a combination of the rider’s gun and the dragon’s homing laser breath, similar to SEGA’s past arcade games like After Burner.


4 responses to “Panzer Dragoon Remake now available on the Nintendo Switch

  1. For only $25??? I’m slightly interested.

  2. James says:

    It’s coming to GOG as well. I don’t mean to advertise for anyone, but they do have a store page for it.

  3. segaismysavior says:

    It’s not Orta-level good, but it’s every bit as thrilling as the original was back in 1995.

    I really want to see this running on a PC.

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