Panzer Dragoon: Remake update v.1.3 released

Since the game’s surprise launch, Panzer Dragoon: Remake has been keeping aloft with various update to add new content and fix standing issues. The Saori Kobayashi soundtrack was even a post-launch addition! MegaPixel and Forever Entertainment have been proactive about addressing player feedback, culminating in today’s 1.3 update. This update has been teased for a while now, and surprise dropped for Nintendo Switch this morning. The update features several improvements to controls, as well as to the Shadow Menu (now Pandora’s Box), sound design, and adds a few new control features and a sixty frames per second mode.

I tested the update a bit, and it’s far more hit than miss than prior updates or the game’s release. The 60FPS mode runs and feels fantastic without sacrificing everything that made the game look so good in the first place. I did notice a rendering error at one point, but that was the only issue. The sound design is also MUCH improved over either previous iteration. The game now has what I would classify as just good sound design and mixing! Pandora’s Box is mostly unchanged, but there are a couple new welcome options. As well, the controls feel much tighter, though they do still keep it faithfully stiff in areas. The motion controls are a letdown, too stiff to do anything with, but the HD Rumble is pretty nice. It’s nice to see points from my original review addressed, and I have hope that if more updates come, they’ll only make the game better.

For full patch notes from the update, read below.


– Episode 0

– Super Weapon Mode

– New gameplay options: rumble, classic reticle, auto-aim zoom, HUD toggle, performance mode (60FPS)

– Cheatcodes in the main menu allowing the player to cheat in a campaign (god mode, infinite credits, super weapon mode)

– Gyroscope controls

IMPROVEMENTS – SFX system and sounds rework

– Multi-button fire (A and B)

– Input lag removed from all actions

– Camera rotation speed increased

– Easier and more responsive targeting system

– Full options access trough pause menu

– Blue Dragon motion re-work

– Start language based on console account language

– New, reworked Pandora’s Box is now available after beating the game at any difficulty


6 responses to “Panzer Dragoon: Remake update v.1.3 released

  1. Lenticular Leo says:

    Will this ever come out on Xbox One or PC or just another Switch exclusive like the Sega Ages series? They were saying it was multi format then Switch exclusive but now some have said it will eventually be multi format and now Forever Entertainment don’t seem to be saying it will be exclusive forever.

    • I keep seeing the phrase “timed exclusive” which means that it should come to other platforms eventually. I didnt buy the Switch version because of the botched release. I was holding out for a PS4 version hoping that the game would work properly from the version on the actual disk.

    • Moody says:

      The game is currently confirmed to be coming to Steam and Stadia at an unspecified date.

    • LenticularLeo says:

      Same here, I don’t own a Switch, just an XB1 and a PS4 I got just for Shenmue III a few months ago, I remember they didnt specify what platform it would be accessed from but then some time later, when the trailer was first revealed it was listed as Switch but they never said it was exclusive, just they never said it would be accessible anywhere else either.
      They’ll probably have the debut on Switch and when all the updated firmware patches are applied, then it will go multiplatform including Steam, it seems the sales have been good enough so far already to warrant work on the sequel to begin, and maybe eventually Panzer Dragoon Saga will be next to be reworked on.

  2. Fat Frog says:

    The remake is a success, Zwei is confirmed and if Zwei is also a hit, then Saga isn’t impossible anymore.

    I think Saga will be a thing before 2025.

    • Laurence J. Nguyen says:

      Okay, sure. If what you said is true about the remake being a success then I will believe it. I don’t have the game yet because I am waiting for a sale. The price it goes for is too much, IMO. It would be nice to see the remake become available on other platforms and not just the Nintendo Switch so other people can try it out for themselves and see what they think. Some people who have played it still prefer the original release because of nostalgia and I don’t blame them for that, not at all.

      I’m glad I didn’t buy the remake at launch and held out, thanks to the update but I still prefer getting it at a discounted price instead of $24.99 because that’s asking too much, IMO. I hope that the developer still listens to player feedback which they should and hope and pray they do not make the same mistake with the remake for Panzer Dragoon II: Zwei, fingers crossed. The original Sega Saturn games will always be there for others who grew up with them, without a doubt of my mind.

      Panzer Dragoon is awesome! Panzer Dragoon for life!

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