Streets of Rage 4 coming to Microsoft Game Pass on day one

While Streets of Rage 4 was already teased as a Game Pass game, it wasn’t confirmed or really talked about after the announcement. Was the game going to be timed exclusive? Would it be on sale first then come to Xbox Game Pass? Now the Facebook page has confirmed that it will be available to Game Pass consumers the same day as it goes on sale digitally.

The issue? Its coming soon, without a solid release date. I guess now we wait.

[Thanks for the heads up Brandon!]


3 responses to “Streets of Rage 4 coming to Microsoft Game Pass on day one

  1. Elk says:

    It seems there’s a rumour going around again about Microsoft buying Sega, or something to do with Sega being much more involved with Xbox in future, to be announced on June 14th.

    • SK3 says:

      I hope not. That would spell mega disaster in the end.

    • George says:

      It was a fake rumor that started on 4chan. I do think SEGA and Microsoft are working on content for Series X, but I doubt SEGA will be bought out. For what I read its really hard for a Japanese company to sell to a American, so highly doubtful.

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