SEGA files patent for touch screen technology that learns from the player

It seems that people have been digging deeper into what SEGA’s big revolutionary tech news that is suppose to be announced during Famitsu’s June 4th issue. It seems a lot of people have been spreading rumors, one that gained traction was that SEGA would rebrand and release the ‘SEGA Series X’ (Xbox Series X) in Japan. Of course we got a confirmation that it isn’t true. There have also been rumors about SEGA finally bringing they’re full back catalogue in a ‘Microsoft Game Pass’ type service and even rumors of SEGA releasing a new console.

It looks like another thing it might be is a fully programmable touch screen controller if this patent is true. According to the abstract information:

An information processing device includes: a controller that generates a game image of an object disposed in a virtual game space; and a touch panel that displays the game image. The touch panel detects an input of a user’s touch operation on the game image and outputs, to the controller, a detection signal indicating the detection of the input. The controller determines a contact surface area at an indicated position on the touch panel indicated by the user’s touch operation based on the detection signal. The controller determines, based on a size of the contact surface area, whether are first operation or a second operation has been inputted. The controller performs a first control related to the object in response to the first operation, and a second control related to the object when the second operation has been inputted.

From what this looks like, it will be a sort of control scheme that can be updated and learn from the player. The idea would be that the ‘SEGA touch screen controller’ will pick up how far your hands can reach, where you like items to be clicked and sort of make it a universal thing making users jumping from game to game a lot easier? A few things to note, this filing isn’t that “new new” as it was filed in January 2020. Of course its still recent.  Could this be SEGA’s huge revolutionary tech? We will be finding out in less than 48 hours. What do you think?

[Via: MyNintendoNews]


7 responses to “SEGA files patent for touch screen technology that learns from the player

  1. sage says:

    well that’s considerably more lame than any of the rumors

  2. Martin rigby says:

    Although a neet idea lets hope there is a console behined it as a new touch screen aint that revolutionary in my opinion.

  3. no more Sega games on playstation says:

    This is great if it’s the story, hopefully this is an app and it means sega commits to smartphone and switch only. Next gen is being launched at the worst time. It is a lost decade.

    Development cost on next gen is too high and the customer base will surely shrink from this generation.
    Would only want to see Sega developing next gen games using Micro$oft dollars.

    Now everyone gimme a WHOOOOOOO to XBOX and Sega joining forces!

  4. ToeJam and Knuckles says:

    Maybe this is for the arcades?

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