SEGA Teases New Website for the Company’s 60th Anniversary

SEGA of Japan created a new website teasing of what’s to come for the company’s 60th anniversary with a message stating “Until the birth, 6 Day”. Also would like to note that there is a silhouette of a young martial artist in the background resembling Segata Sanshiro.

Could there be several announcements? The return of Segata Sanshiro? A new Virtua Fighter sequel in development perhaps? Who knows. Let us know in the comments below on what you think this tease maybe.


15 responses to “SEGA Teases New Website for the Company’s 60th Anniversary

  1. SonicLostWorldIsTrash says:

    Virtua Fighter. With Dead or Alive being a dead franchise. Now would be a good time to hop back in the 3D fighting genre. SEGA can’t let Tekken go unchallenged.

  2. Psycho Echidna says:

    Smells like a VF6 but when they were 10/15 years younger a la Street fighter Zero.

  3. Soup says:

    New port of Black Belt from the Master System lol

  4. RWD says:

    The URL says ‘segashiro’, so pretty obvious what it is with the name and picture.

    My guess is a resurrection of the character but with a younger actor. New marketing ploy since he was pretty popular in Japan.

  5. Zeus says:

    Knowing Sega today be prepared for some crappy mobile game or something outside the revamped website.

  6. Randroid says:

    Ahh the pose is 100% Akira, but the tuff of hair in front is SS trademark look, but but but Akira has it too in the later games.

    Ahh don’t know what to think.

  7. Sam Astbury says:

    My heart says that big “6” is a big hint for Virtua Fighter 6. My head says otherwise.

  8. Centrale says:

    Sega Saturn Mini? Okay it’s a long shot, but let me dream…

    • Deefy says:

      I immediately thought the same thing, but reading the previous comments it could actually be VF6, even if I remain with my first impression of a Saturn Mini.

  9. I was thinking the same thing while reading this Centrale, lol.

  10. OriginalName says:

    I’d just like to help you touch up your translation.

    爆誕 is a slang term meaning “sudden emergence”, used sort of like “burst onto the scene”.

    I think it comes across in the translation you used well enough, but the あと6日 part means “in six days”, and the page counts down (just checked: it currently says あと5日”), just in case anyone thought that the 6 has particular significance here.

    So, in case it helps with speculation, the meaning is closer to “(6, 5, 4, 3, 2…) days until it comes out of nowhere.”

    Again, the translation above isn’t bad, just wanted to tighten it up for you.

  11. Centrale says:

    If you invert the image, you can see three Japanese characters on the end of his belt. I tried using Google Translate and alternately got “Segare” and “Let the World.” Could someone who can read Japanese please take a look?

    • OriginalName says:

      Wow, good eye! I didn’t notice that, and none of the articles I found online from Japanese gaming news outlets noticed that either.

      It’s tricky… because the image is sort of low resolution. My mind jumped to it being せがれ (segare) which means both “punk” and “son” (sorta like an older person saying “listen here, sonny-boy”), which would utterly seal the deal that Sega’s rolling out a campaign with the son of Segata Sanshiro, Segata Segare (given names and family names are flipped in Japan).

      But when I looked closer, I realized I can’t actually see the little markers that turn “k” sounds into “g” sounds, so it LOOKS like せかれ (sekare) in the picture, which doesn’t really mean anything from anything I can find. There may be some kind of pun to the sounds “Segata Sekare” together that I just don’t understand, though.

      That explains why Google was giving you two different translations, too. It’s really borderline, ’cause either those little phonetic markers are obscured by the fold/shadow or it really is “sekare” and there’s just a tiny bit of artifacting that makes it look kinda like “segare”.

      Disregard the “let the world” translation. I see where the machine translator is getting that, but it’s a false flag. “Sekai” is a noun meaning “world” and it’s trying to conjugate it like a verb, which just isn’t how Japanese grammar actually works.

      Japanese media is very certain that this is a callback to Segata Sanshiro; no mention of Virtua Fighter. I’m gonna go ahead and call it: Son of Segata Sanshiro ad campaign incoming, possibly tied to a Sega Saturn Mini being portrayed as the introduction to/continuation of Saturn for the “next generation”, because “everyone must play Saturn” or something like that.

    • Kori-Maru says:

      Thanks for the help on the translation. I’ve been following Hiroshi Fujioka’s instagram. He posts a lot of photos with his son which I think that it’s him on the website.

  12. Centrale says:

    Thanks OriginalName, for looking into that and providing such a detailed explanation! I think you’re onto something… the character in the image definitely has the appearance of a young person. Whatever is coming, I’m hyped!

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